You mean the

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You mean the stuff that used to be in here, right?"
What do you mean, the number dropped off the door? The heck do you mean? "the heck do you mean?" i'll see you tomorrow. Well, if you mean the terrorists, sir, we don't exactly know. Yeah, you say "peace," i kind of think you mean the other thing. You mean the nature of this conversation? You mean the tv ratings? Do you mean the one that you spun out of and finished facing the other way? You mean the forced march designed to prove... what an oblivious and uncaring asshole her husband is? wow. Do you mean the people that i've known since kindergarten... and you've known for six months? Do you mean the murderers... traitors, and thieves you call friends? Do you mean the one we pawned? You mean, the performer. You mean the offer is no good? You mean the whispers? Oh, you mean the gardening? You mean the one about i slept with my fiancé's brother? It's us, you guys. you mean, the not friendly versions? What do you mean, the "pied piper"? You mean the drug dealer at the liquor store wasn't a good guy? What about my question, sam? huh? oh, you mean the one about hitler. Oh, you mean the baby? No, you mean the circumference. What do you mean? the hell happened? You mean, the sign that's got the rooster on it? You mean the pyramid mine? You mean the western press needs a photograph. You mean the profanity? yes. And by stage, i'm assuming you mean the kind with a pole? You mean the mob? yes, but they're businessmen, okay? I don't understand. what do you mean, the bodies... I'm sorry, what do you mean "the lines"? You mean the shiptoshore? What do you mean, the battery's dead? You're stealing from me. you mean the extension cord. You mean the guy from "forrest gump" with no legs? You mean the belvedere gallery? You mean the league? You mean the distress signal you thought you sent? Yes, i believe you mean the first scene... sorry, the second scene of the first act. What do you mean, the kids think l'm creepy? Your guy? you mean the russian? Oh, yeah? you mean the official photograph, where l'm doing this? Jeez, investing what? you mean the whole thing? What do you mean, "the party's over"? What do you mean, the gun's no good? What do you mean? the guy didn't do anything. Oh, so you mean the guy who just pissed himself and turned blue was... sorry about that. You mean, the future? You mean the movie lied? You mean the insurance frammis? What do you mean? the money from the holdup. You mean the peel? the lid. "those people"? you mean, the poor? You mean the bike that's been in our garage for two years? You mean the symbol? Styles? oh, the you mean the pretty young thing you came in here with. You mean the two conversations thing. You mean the last time? You mean the whole house? yes. You mean the gentiemen in that room. I'm sorry, the first wave? the beach? you mean the front? What do you mean, "the pete ward thing"? You mean the apple store? Oh, yeah. you mean the bug. You mean the phone call last night? L have some ideas. you mean the patch? You mean the movie lied? jesus. You mean the prisoner? What? you mean the low battery alarm on the smoke detector? You mean the british guy from the ferry? that's right. You mean the fairy? yeah. You mean the possibility of a conspiracy? You mean the guy with the black body armor, shotgun, and gas mask? Oh, you mean the retard. yeah, she ran away. You mean the cottages on the bay or the cottage back by the trail? You mean the big red one took tunis. Do you mean the possibility of leaving this case has never entered your mind? You mean the countess mondego? Norton's tree yeah you mean the dead one i've been asking him to take down for three years before it finally blew over? What did you mean? the god of love is hiding in the forest? Do you mean the tractor's alive? You mean the board? you mean on the board? You mean the tea parties? You mean the real sensuous, exotic, sexy, mature, sex symbol type? You mean the ideas flowing in your direction. You mean the one who didn't know who mary baker eddy was? You mean, the police... oui, monsieur. What do you mean the dog had parvo? You mean the deal that we already sank fifty dollars million into, mr. brainiac? You mean the podiatrist? what, with the lovely hands? You mean the private client foyer? You mean the guy with the glass eye? no. You mean, the most important thing isn't the "wedding spectacular spectacular"? Where's my other piece, pat? you mean the cannon. What do you mean? the thrust increase... You mean, the only normal girl. You mean the three of us? no. You mean the golf course? You mean the world to me. You mean the stuff that used to be in here, right? mean the you mean