You look

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "And if you look carefully...", "When you look at me do you see a hero?", "And every time you look at it..."
You look very switched on. You look good. You look nervous. Damn, you look good. Ladies, you look very lovely. You look gorgeous. You look very, very terrific! You look great. You look stunning in that hat. Wow, you look really cool. Boy, you look like hell. You look much better. You look terrific! You look like a fucking imbecile. Yes, you look like a macho man. You look pissed, ben. Alex, you look... You can see it when you look out your window... You look good, keaton. You look just like i feel. You look like a rube. You look handsome in it. Anybody ever tell you you look dead? You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado. You look ready. You look lovely, elizabeth. Made you look. You look like a gangster. You look like a smart boy with good survival instincts. You look wonderful. Elliot, you look like shit. You look wonderful, too, jerry. You look beautiful, cous. Where else did you look? You look lovely tonight, lady stark. You look so much like your father. You look beautiful in that dress. You're smarter than you look, marshal. You look pretty healthy. But you look into my eyes, you son of a bitch... House, you look a lot better. You look pale, child. Sam, you look tired. You look like you belong here. You look nice, mallory. Personally, i think you look a bit more devil may care this way... And mr holmes the younger, you look taller in your photographs. You look awfully nice tonight. I see the way you look at her. You look the same. You look exhausted. Did you look at him? When you imagine yourself up there, how do you look? When you look at me, you don't see a man. You look cute in bubbles. You look amazing. You look radiant, your grace. You look super young. Did you look past the first page of the file? Did you look for me? You look... You look awfully like a mutated angel to me. About as good as you look. The rest of you, look for confirmation. You look stressed. Infected blood and tissue everywhere you look. Alice, how smart you look today. If you look at me, you will die. Why don't you look in your pockets? You look terrible. You look hot. Well, you look like hell warmed over. You are here simply because you look young. God says you look for excuses to be alone. Oh, would you look at that face! You look every night, chandler. You look like a raccoon. You look so different. You look great too. You look beautiful. Yes, you look lovely. You look ravishing. You look very nice this morning. You look cold. You look fantastic. You look way too young. Hey, sheldon, you look like a praying mantis. You look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth. You look 37. And sits down, and you look at me... And every time you look at it... When you look at me do you see a hero? And if you look carefully... look you