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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "We're going to fly to l. a. you're not afraid of flying, are you?", "You're not hiding out in there, are you? no."
No, no, you can't. you're not. You're not going to hurt my family. no. No. no, you're not. You're not playing the odds, friend. You refuse to cooperate, you're not coming back here, you go to county. Oh, you're not gonna tell me about it. But what you meant to say is you're not allowing me to be here. You're not actually going into an asteroid field? But you're not. Not on this boat. you're not going fishing on this boat. No, you're not going fishing. So you're not with thanos? No, you're not. Tell me you're not on that ship. yeah. Well, if you're not spies, then who are you? You're not eating. you barely sleep. You're not gonna be a cop anymore. No, you're not. what kind of talk is that? Hey. you're not permitted in there. it's restricted. I ain't a servant, if you get my meanin'. you're not a servant. Well, you're not my daughter, and i'd like her to phone me please, can you make sure she phones her mother? You're not going to bite me? no? So you're not in any position to have an opinion about it. But you won't find it, because, of course, you're not really looking. But you're not afraid to get your hands dirty anymore, are you? Now you're looking for the secret, but you won't find it, because, of course, you're not really looking. Good. if you can't pass for human, you're not much good to us. You're not a terminator anymore, all right? You're not here to kill me. You're not cracking up, are you? You're not a killer. that's why you're so good at it. You're not even gonna know that it happened. But even if you get revenge, you're not gonna remember it. I've said this before, and i'll say it one, one last time... you're not gonna... yeah, no. You're not gonna sleaze your way out of this one. You're not going to send me back? But you're not having an affair? "yes, yes, i understand you're not allowed to tell, but just tell me, where's the rabbit?" Guess what. you're not special. You're not going anywhere. You're not to work on this ever again. No, you're not going. you're not leaving. If you're not thinking with your wiener, then you're acting directly on its behalf. You're not perfect, sport. You're not gonna stick around for your share? Be thankful you're not mr yellow. You're not gonna get hurt. You're not a doctor? You're not even looking. No, it's not happening. you're not. you are choking. And i was like, "no, you're not crazy. You're not liam neeson. what is going on?" You're not my sister." You're not talking about justice. you're talking about revenge. You're not the devil. He says you're smart, you're loyal, and you're not a junkie. You're not a stalker or anything, right? So far, you're not denying it. You're not an elephant man at all. And look as though you should be, but you're not. You're not funny, tom. you're fat. What do you do when you're not buying stereos, nick? Because if you can't see value here today, you're not up here shopping, you're up here shoplifting. He said you're not henry ford. You're not taking my kids, sweetheart, you hear me. You're not allowed to have that kind of fun." Yeah, dude. you're not the only one with problems. Probably because you're not a teenaged girl. You know you're not gonna be happy in a senior living complex. You're not getting any younger, mark. It says you're not rifle qualified. And if you're not one of them You're not real! You're not the worst fuck i've ever had. Okay, you're not exactly leonardo da vinci, right? No, my darling, you're not going to die. You're not good enough for me? no. I mean it. you're not funny anymore. You're not funny anymore. Made me realize that you're not completely stupid. You're not a woman anyway. You're not a woman to me anymore. Come see me when you're not. I hope you're not sad about it. Not married to you. you're not scary enough. You'd be able to see you're not so alone in this. Promise me you're not gonna say anything. And you're not gonna say anything either. You're not well. If you're not interested, then i got more celebrating to do. You're not breathing right. that's why you're panting. But you're not making it easy. You're not even close to baseline. And if you're not working, i don't need you. You're not gonna kill me, are you? When you're not performing your duties, do they keep you in a little box? cells. You're not going, are you? You're not hiding out in there, are you? no. We're going to fly to l. a. you're not afraid of flying, are you? not you're