You're back

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "But you can't quit. you quit, and you're back in jail.", "When you're back, come up to the mountains. we'll go fishing."
You're back! Just shut your eyes... and imagine you're back in your own bed... with a soft mattress and a lovely feather pillow. I see you're back in town. yeah... . So you're back, eh? Give me the name, and you're back on full rations. Now you're back to your true nature, boy. You're back in business, kid. As long as you're back there, past and present will continue to coexist. You're back on the show. You're back too fast. You're back, huh? I'm glad you're back. You're back in school. You're back on active service. You're back at the job center tomorrow, don't forget. Tony... i'm glad you're back at the compound. It's him! tom, you're back! I'm happy you're back. I'm really glad you're back. You're back early. Now you're back! yeah. wow. wow. I'm the reason you're back early. If you're back, we could watch some tv or something. You're back on the powder now as well? Well, now that you're back, and i'm glad you're back. Thank goodness you're back. what's the matter? Then you're back in control. Oh, you're back soon. You're back, so? Hi! i'm so glad you're back! Charles, you're back? Absolutely outstanding. i'm glad you're back. Oh thank god you're back, bev. You're back. The bright side is you're back, and made it off free and clear. You're back now. You're back on the bike, tommy? Ah, you're back in the holiday spirit? Maybe one day, when you're back in devon, you'll invite me to see your garden. I'm glad you're back, patsy. Tail, you're back! No, i'm only kidding. i'm glad you're back. So, you're back? You're back, abram. Fanny, you're back. yes, sir. And you're back in uniform, bruce. But now you're back. I heard you're back in the water. I'm so glad you're back. Exactly. milne! you're back. rupert. You're back just when we need you most. I'm really glad you're back, and we can talk again. Well... well, you know, i mean, any time you're back in town, you know, give me a holler. Jesus, i'm gone one day and you're back to the war machine. What? you're back in prison. I want you to pretend you're back in the movie theater. I know you're back here somewhere. You're back. did you have a good time? Oh, my god, we are so happy you're back with us. Now you're back to slogans. Yeah, real soon. i'm glad you're back. Hi. detective price, you're back. But things change. precisely. you're back. Now you're back. yes, back. You're back in the family. 'but you're back. So you're back in school? I'm glad you're back. yeah. So maybe you're back in dallas right now. Everything's okay now, man. you're back. That i really do love you, and i'm just so glad you're back. Professor siletski, i'm so glad you're back. Okay, you're back. good. You're back. what looks good today? Emily, you're back. You're back on shift. It's a chance to reflect on what an amazing summer it's been, and all the memories you'll hold on to until you're back here next summer for opening campfire. I love that you're back home. You're back in town? i thought you moved to la. Don't say anything until you're back in the states. You're back? what happened? We're so glad you're back. This was your case. you're back on it. Hey, honey, you're back for me, aren't you? I'm glad you're back. safe. Does she know you're back? You're back. yeah. You're back soon. Everybody knows you're back. because of you. You're back. tea time. You're back in chicago? Jake. you're back. how wonderful! Could this possibly mean you're back? When you're back, come up to the mountains. we'll go fishing. But you can't quit. you quit, and you're back in jail. back you're