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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, yeah. it's for my granddaughter.", "Yes. yeah, shut up.", "The crusade of children. oh, yeah, yes, yes, yeah.", "Yes. yeah, we're gonna go down there now and help out."
Yes. yeah. Yes. yeah! Here, yes. yeah, i used to live here. Yes, yeah. have a seat. how are you? It's so light. yes, yeah. Yes! yeah! Yes. yeah? Aye, that's a yes. yeah? Yes? yeah. Oh, yes, yeah. there we go. good, good. Yes, yeah, yeah. i ticked off each response after all the fuckyous and pissoffs, Yes. yeah, too many, if you ask me. Yes. yeah but do you understand like men do? Yes. yes! yeah, that's... that's a coincidence... like... uh... You coming? yes. yeah. one second. Fuck! yes, yes! yeah, yeah. Yes, yeah, actually i'm, i'm doing this movie. Yes! yes! yeah! yes! yeah, man. Yes, yes. yeah, i know. Yes. yeah, right, before us. Hell yes. yeah! Yes. yeah, is this bennet omalu? Yes, yeah. bloody freezing... It's dr. julian bailes. yes, yeah. Yes! yeah. Yes. yeah, you love it, don't you? Yes? yeah, this is malcolm. Yes... yeah, i was at the water park. i'll pass you mom. Yes. yeah, good, okay. Yes. yeah! yeah. The fish. oh, yeah. yes. yeah, he did. Yes. yeah. this is very romantic. Edward? did you hear me? oh, yes. yeah, i'm here. L go to a good dentist. yes, yeah, oh, yeah. he's jewish. The... oh, yes. yeah. yeah. Yes. yeah, streaky's bloody quick. Yes. yeah. good, ace. yeah. Yes. yeah, uh... Yes? yeah, i'm registered in this class. Yes. yeah, of course he would. Oh, yes. yeah? Uh, yes. yeah. Well, did it work? yes. yeah, perfect. Yes. yeah, he's great. cool guy. Yes. yeah, i do. Yes, yeah, i am corrupting you. Yes. yes! yeah! Is that a yes? that's a yes! yeah! – oh, yes. yeah. the sooner the better. – good. Yes. yeah, but no oral sex, i promise you. Yes! yes! yeah! Yes! yeah, let's get this party back on track. Yes. yeah, i found myself falling asleep grading papers. Yes. yeah, well, are you sure? Oh, thank god! oh, yes! yeah! yes! Yeah, serious shit. yes. yeah. Get out of the car, lady. yes. yeah. Yes. yeah. i was just saving it. Yes. yeah, but this isn't politics. Bigger pills, bruce, yes? yeah! Yes. yeah. or anything to get a rise out of you. Yes. yeah. but she's very highly emotional. Good. you are testing with c6? yes, yeah, i see only c6. Yes. yeah, and i'm not pissing blood. She's got two brothers, this girl? yes, yeah. Oh, my god! yes! yeah? Are you okay? yes, yeah, i'm okay. Yes. yeah, a bit, sort of. I wouldn't say best" yes. yeah. yep. besties. Yes. yeah... it feels kinda nice, yeah. Yes. yeah, i will. totally. Yes. yeah, i'm sorry. Yes, yeah, yeah. a knife at her throat. all right, go on. Yes. yeah, we're gonna go down there now and help out. The crusade of children. oh, yeah, yes, yes, yeah. Yes. yeah, shut up. Yes, yeah. it's for my granddaughter. yeah yes