Yes sir

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, sir, that's my favorite grape juice.", "Yes, sir. give me that.", "Yes, sir. give you a little company if you need it."
Honey, can i have that coffee now? yes, sir. Wade. yes, sir? Yes, sir. how'd you guess that? Yes, sir. good afternoon. From the bottom to the top. yes, sir. Sulu, let's go home. yes, sir! Yes, sir. Go back to your car. yes, sir. You, clean this up. yes, sir. come on. Cover us. yes, sir. That's an order. yes, sir. Dr. has everything been explained to you? yes, sir. The whole town has electricity. yes, sir. Yes, sir. bringing them online. We gonna get high, high. yes, sir. Yes, sir. some company couldn't hurt. Let's load 'em up. yes, sir. Go. upham. yes, sir. Yes sir. we should've brought weenies. Yes, my lord. lieutenant. yes, sir. Zero, you say? yes, sir. Yes sir, his vehicle. Is fox still here? yes, sir. Yes, sir. he's going to march to the sea and make salt. Congratulations, huh? yes, sir. Yes, sir. absolutely. We're evacuating! yes, sir! Gareth! yes, sir. Yes, sir! Yes, sir. l reckon it does. Karl, you up? yes, sir. Are we understood? yes, sir. Yes sir. Yes, sir. right away. You give them over, hear? yes, sir. Let's begin. ready? yes, sir. Yes sir. but then there's this other. Yes, sir, but i changed my mind. just like that? Yes, sir, first class. Yes, sir. small unit action. Conlon, guiseppe file. yes, sir. Yes, sir, maybe a little further back, but it's all... it's all different up there. If he shows up... yes, sir? tell him jopling says, "come home." Yes, sir, i did. Yes, sir. we all have orders we have to follow. That man, right there. yes, sir. Parcher? yes, sir. Yes, sir. he is under a tremendous amount of stress. Is that understood? sir, yes, sir! Yes, sir. happy to. Can you hear me? can you see me? yes, sir. Yes, sir! and get ryan up here. Yes, sir, i know that. Thank you very much, sir. yes, sir. Reiben, get on the rabbit. yes, sir. Yes sir, i'll be around here until ten o'clock in the morning. Uhura, relieve the lieutenant. yes, sir. Yes, sir, l recollect that. Yes, sir that's good. split them up. Now, chris. yes, sir. Waiter? yes, sir. Yes, sir. okay for work. Yes, sir. it's just that i haven't held a weapon since basic training, sir. Are you the manager? yes, sir. what's the matter? Maintain standard orbit. yes, sir. Don't jack with me. yes sir. Clear the area! go! yes, sir! Yes, sir. just stay there by the side, okay, raymond? Yes, sir. this one's straight from the top. Yes, sir. all right. Yes, sir. give you a little company if you need it. Yes, sir. give me that. Yes, sir, that's my favorite grape juice. sir yes