Yes hello

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? yes, hello, ma'am, this is tom.", "Yes! hello? this is dr. sinja. who's calling?", "Thank you. yes. hello! hey, there they are."
Yes? hello. Yes, hello? Yes. hello again. Yes, hello. how are you? Yes, hello, aspca? Yes? hello, marian. Stephen! yes? hello. Yes? hello, miss. my name is susan watson. i'm with dcf. Ah! yes, hello! thank you! Hello? yes, hello. ls david kahane there, please? Yes. hello, i'm looking for emily. Yes. hello to you. how are you? Oh, yes! hello, donna. Yes. hello. hi. my name is leon newman. Yes. yes. hello. is this mrs. irene... three rivers? Yes, hello? hello? Yes? hello? Yes. hello, officer. Yes. hello? i found him. Yes. hello. Yes, hello. thank you, goodbye. Yes, hello. i'm checking on some luggage. hang on. Of course yes, hello. Yes, hello. Hello? yes, hello. Yes. hello. um, we're looking for laurie strode. Goodbye, dennis. yes? yes. hello, yes. He... yes, hello? Yes hello, how are you? Yes, hello. this is allison morley speaking. Hello? yes? hello? Yes, hello, uh, we have an emergency. Yes? hello. hello. Yes. hello. you were wonderful again. Hello? yes? hello? can i help you? Yes? hello? hello? Hello? yes, hello. uh... Um, yes, hello? Yes, hello. yes. Hello? hello? hello? yes, hello. Yes. hello? hello? Yes? hello, grandmother? this is diane. Yes, hello. this is the president of the neighborhood watch. Alice! can i help you? yes, hello. Yes, hello! Yes? hello, robert. Yes, hello to you, sir. how's your morning? Yes? hello, will. Hello. oh, yes, hello. Yes? hello? who is it? Hello? yes, hello. i'm here. Yes? hello, mr. stuart van ark? yes. You know my wife. yes, hello. Yes? hello, young lady. Yes, hello. i was just informed of your situation. Yes. hello, operator. i'd like to make a collect call... overseas, to a new york number. Yes, hello. this is bob dobbs of nova marketing. Yes. hello! Yes, hello? this is ben. Uh, yes. hello. Yes? hello. my name is arlington steward. Yes? yes. hello, sir. this is mr. garmen from the quarantine unit of st. mary's hospital. Yes, hello, i'd like to place an order, please. nefler, bungalow four. Yes, hello, i'd like a cab... Yes, hello. hi, kaddir. Yes. hello? Yes, hello, this is anne eisenhower. Oh, yes, hello. Yes, hello, we're looking for a book called... act like a lady, think like a man. Yes, hello. this is harry hamilton. i... yes. yes, we are having a chance to reconnect. Are you there? hello? yes, hello, um, i'm calling for john. Oh, yes. oh, my gosh. yes. hello? hey, jimmy. it's molly. Oh, yes. hello, lnspector javert. l've been expecting you. Thank you. yes. hello! hey, there they are. Yes! hello? this is dr. sinja. who's calling? Hello? yes, hello, ma'am, this is tom. hello yes