Yes hello?

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. hello, i'm looking for emily."
Yes, hello? Yes, hello. how are you? Yes, hello. Yes, hello, my name is chris gardner. I can't let that happen. yes, hello? Yes. hello, iris. Hello? yes, hello. ls david kahane there, please? I'm sister claire. yes, hello. Keith you know. yes, hello again. Yes. hello to you. how are you? Yes? hello, love. Yes, hello. this is frank wills. Yes, hello? yes, there's... Leave a message after the tone... yes? hello? Weissman, yes. hello. Yes? hello, yes. miss roberts? Yes, hello? hello? Yes? hello. Yes, hello boss... what? Uh, yes, hello. Yes. hello. Yes. hello? i found him. Yes, hello, i'm sorry to bother you... Uh, yes. hello. miss cole? yeah. He... yes, hello? Yes? hello, mr. saunders. i'm nick. It's perfect... yes, hello. Hello. yes, mr. taylor. yes, hello. Are you calling me? yes, hello. Mr. lewman. hi. yes, hello. Yes, hello, i'd like to speak to dr. fielding. I think you know my wife ali yes... hello! Yes! hello? Yes. hello? Yes? hello? Yes, hello? yes, karen, he's here. Hello? yes, hello, um, i'm calling for john. Yes? hello, this is carrie. Yes. hello. hi. mike. Yes? hello. hello. Hello? yes, hello, ma'am, this is tom. Amir, my man. john anthony here. yes. hello. Yes, hello to you, sir. how's your morning? Ah! yes, hello! thank you! Yes, hello. hello. Yes. hello, operator. i'd like to make a collect call... Yes? hello? who is this? Yes, hello. hello, mrs eliot. Hello? yes, hello, this is mrs. lipton. So, medda, this is david and les. yes. hello. Sidney. yes. hello, mate. how are you? i'm just off. have a nice night. Yes. hello again. Yes? hello. i'm chris. Hello! yes? hello! Yes? hello, robert. Yes. hello, sir... are you the bugger that's been calling here all night and hanging up? Yes, yes, yes... hello? Yes? hello, mr. stuart van ark? yes. Yes. hello, i'm looking for emily. hello? yes