Yeah hello

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yeah, hello? i'd like to report a missing person.", "I'm coming, i'm coming! yeah, hello?", "Yeah, hello, that's the damn problem. stop trying. surrender."
Hello. yeah, hello? Yeah. hello, i'm calling about a uniform. Hello? yeah, hello. Yeah? hello, it's vincent. Yeah. hello. Yeah... hello again. Yeah? hello. Yeah. hello, old sport. Yeah? hello. stuart? it's derek. Woo! yeah! hello! Yeah? hello. it's bill. Yeah. hello? hello? Yeah, hello? hi. Yeah, hello, sanford. dante. Yeah? hello? Yeah, hello? yeah. Hello? yeah, hello. are you mr. driscoll? Yeah, hello. Hey, hey. yeah, hello. Yeah, hello? Yeah, hello? fuck! fucking battery. Yeah, hello? lowery. Yeah. hello, lawyer. Yeah. hello, aimee. Yeah? hello, frank. Yeah, hello, is paul kaplan there? uh, no. no, he's not. Yeah, hello. Richard! yeah, hello? Yeah, hello, hello. can l get an ambulance, please? Hi, yeah. hello? Yeah. hello ! the murderer was wearing a ghost mask, okay ? Yeah, hello? confirmed for tomorrow. nine Yeah? hello, qohen leth. Yours, yeah? hello. yours, yeah? Yeah. hello? Ywah, yeah . hello. yeah. Yeah, hello. put al on the phone. Yeah! hello. Hello? hang on. yeah, hello. Yeah, hello, diane. how are you? Dr. samuel loomis. yeah. hello? he Yeah, hello. this is jack woodman. Thank you. yeah. hello. Yeah, hello, that's the damn problem. stop trying. surrender. I'm coming, i'm coming! yeah, hello? Yeah, hello? i'd like to report a missing person. hello yeah