Who is she

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "So, who is she? some hippie chick?", "And who is she?", "I'm hans, and who is she, who is vicky?", "Can i go? who is she?", "Who is she, arthur?", "Who is she, sam?"
Who is she? she's beautiful. But who is she? Then, who is she? So who is she? who's her parents? Who is she and what did you arrest her for? Who is she? John, who is she? You drink? who is she? Who is she? that's princess mary. So... who is she? Who is she? and, more importantly, where is she? Who are you, who is she, what the hell's going on, and can i go back to jail now? Who is she supposed to be? That lady you called. who is she? By all the stars in heaven. who is she? Come on. who is she, homer? Who is she? she's nothing. Yes, but who is she? Who is she, gorgeous? This woman... isabel who is she? she helped me out. Who is she now? some loser housewife? What is she doing? who is she with? So who is she? what? You talked to her? no. who is she? I mean, what should i do? who is she? Yeah, who is she? Who is she dennis? Don't change the subject! who is she?! forget it! come here! Who is she? a parasite. Who is she? what does she do? Who is she? she's a witch! Well, what do you think of her? beautiful. who is she? your future wife. Who is she? i'm your wife. Who is "she"? Well, who is she, then? All right, so who is she? who? Say more. who is she? do i know her? oh, god, it's not hinda, is it? So, who is she? Who is she? you wouldn't know her. I love her already. so who is she? You dog! so, who is she? You must really want that piece of pussy bad, you come find me. who is she? Oh, my god. who is she dating now? Yeah, i got that part. who is she? Who is she? kate. she's my ex. Who is she to you? Is everything okay? who is she? You know, if you don't mind me asking, who is she? Frankie, the girl at the gate,who is she? What's her name. who is she really? Who is she? zero lip gloss upkeep, and what's with the sweater from target? No, who is she? Who is she? who taught you to drive? Well, that's great. who is she? And that girl, the girl in the surf, who is she? Who is she? where did she go? Who is she to tell you how to wear your hair? I hate her. who is she? Come on, who is she? Who is she, sam? Who is she, arthur? Can i go? who is she? I'm hans, and who is she, who is vicky? And who is she? So, who is she? some hippie chick? is she who is