Who is he

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Who is he? i'm a police officer.", "Who is he? that's unimportant."
That man in the corner. who is he? Who is he? He's also the reason why you're facing seven terrorists instead of twelve he's inside? who is he? I don't know who that is. who is he? Who is he talking to? Hi, it's marge. who is he? call me. I didn't know. kendall? who is he to you now? Who is he ? That slave, who is he? He's a drug lord or something, isn't he? helene, who is he? Tell me, who is he? I know who this guy is! who is he? God, i can't stand it! who is he? And who is he anyway? Who is he to you, jenny? Who is he? one of your students? So, who is he? Who is he? she says he's a lawyer from miami. Who is he, this guy you let run? Who is he? we don't know. Can we take a look at this guy who's helping him? who is he? Michael... who is he? Who is he anyhow ? an actor? In fact, there is. i'll tell you about it in a minute. who is he? No. who is he? Blue shirt guy. who is he or she indeed? A couple of times. why? who is he? Okay, spill it. who is he, what does he do... how do we know him? who? Martin came home. and who is he? martin is mommy and henry's real son. Yes. who is he? I just heard. who is he? Wait. who is he? Who is he to be so thoughtful? Real genuine guy. who is he? Who is he? what... So who is he? you slept with him? twice? Who is he and why was he chasing you, and what is this refuge? Who is he? where did he come from? i do not know. What's going on ? who is he ? Who is he? just a guy. But if he's not uncle fester, then who is he? That guy who was here, in the suit, who is he? Who is he? what is he? Yeah. who is he? That boy over there. who is he? Well, who is he? Who is he? it's luther whitney... one of the great thieves of the world. Who is he, husband? But what i mean is, who is he? Who is he anyway? So? who is he? Who is he? does he like you as much as you like him? No. look at this picture. who is he? Who is he? englishman. The father. who is he? So who is he? Well, i've never heard of this rowling bloke, who is he? Who is he, exactly, mom? he's my landlord and my very good friend. Who is he? is he handsome? Who is he? how should i know? William, who is he? tell me his name. Who is he, the guy from the crying game? My question is... who is he? No. who is he? he's a serial killer. So who is he, i wonder? Who is he? that's unimportant. Who is he? i'm a police officer. is he who is