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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Who is she and what did you arrest her for?", "I don't know who that is. who is he?", "Gerry, who is she? why are you getting narky?", "Yes, you fucking do! bollocks! who is marian?"
Who is this? i had a vision... Who is it that i aspire to be? Gaila, who is he? who's who? Who is it? Who is this? Yes, who is this? Are you familiar with this craft? who is your commander? Who is it? grab him. it's conlon. Who is that? He's inside? who is he? I'm dead body. who is this motherfucker? Bruner, who is this guy? Hello. who is it? He is thirty five years older than oswald, who is only twenty three and supposedly broke. Who is she? i am groot. It's... look, who is responsible for the klingon attack? Who is he? i've been to all the bars. nobody wants to talk. Who is on first. that's the joke. it's comedy. Who is that hagrid's carrying? Who is that guy? This is, uh this is, uh, deputy chief dwayne robinson. who is this? One bottle of valium, which i procured from my mother, who is, in her own domestic and socially acceptable way, also a drug addict. Who is she, mr. finch? not sure yet, sir. Who is this gentleman, dude? Who is that? i'm afraid i can't tell you that. And who is capable of disarming such a device? Who is he? he was a farmer. Who is marian? i don't know. The man's entitled to it. who is? Who is it? it's seven Who is that? he knew me. Who? the first baseman. who is on first. Who is the acquaintance? Who is hungry? Who is this guy? he jumped into the car. Who is this person who speaks to me as though i needed his advice? That man in the corner. who is he? Who is gonna mug two black fellas holding pistols... sat in a car that's worth less than your shirt? Who is he? Who is we? the fisherman and his son. And who is this? Who is on first. Hello? who is this? What? oh, my god.! who is it? Who is after you? Neville, who is it? Who is but the form following the function of what... and what i am is a man in a mask. What? who is this? But who is she? Who is this guy? that was marcus. So who is she? who's her parents? Anyway, who is it that we're seeing? Is that rosie? daddy, who is that? Sorry. call for you. who is it? Who is this? jay twistle. And this is a woman who is chasing a man who stole her purse. We know who is at fault here. Who is on first. what are you asking me for? Aye, i met a man called charlie burke. and who is he? Who is following us? the drop has been compromised. Someone who was there at the beginning. who is it? Yes? yes! who is this? Conlon, who is fighting in the mixed martial arts mega tournament, sparta, is expected to be taken into custody by military police, following tonight's winnertakeall finale in atlantic city. Who is on first. i'm asking you, who's on first? Who is "she"? Only he who is pure of heart can take the sword from the stone. Who is this? who is this? Anyone... who is caught coming or going... What the fuck is with this guy? who is he? Who is "we"? Who is he? he's superman. I don't know you. who is this? don't come here! Who's marian? i'm getting fucking bored with this. who is marian? Who is this guy? Yes, it all started with the same assumption of me being a naive romantic who is trying to imagine that the world will turn vegan overnight. I think it's the person's job who is upset to say... umm... hey. Who is she? Who is this? you know damn well. How is it not different from a suicide bomber who is so convinced about the fundamentalism of his political and religious thoughts? Who is this, mr. simms? Yes, you fucking do! bollocks! who is marian? Gerry, who is she? why are you getting narky? I don't know who that is. who is he? Who is she and what did you arrest her for? is who