Well who knows

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, who knows, nina.", "Well, the jewels, man. they must be worth, well, who knows? thirty seven "lardols." i thought my friend he was."
Brewster, here i am sitting over here on the couch, and inviting you to do, well, who knows what? Well, who knows? two or three years, maybe gabby and ryan will be opening that savannah facility together. Well, who knows? his blood is your blood. Well, who knows, maybe she'll come out of nowhere when you least expect it. Well, who knows, frank? Well, who knows? Well, who knows how long a taxi will take?! Well, who knows what then? Well, who knows? maybe when they do my autopsy, i can finally prove that i'm not ruth marx. Anyway and so i just thought well, who knows. Yeah, well, who knows with those guys? Well, who knows? you've lied about everything else. But, well, who knows? Well, who knows? maybe i did. i don't know. And he could've learned the, uh, habits of the victim with... well, who knows? he might not have even needed these. As for the psychological, well, who knows what boils and bubbles beneath that stiff shirt to which his profession has called him? Well... who knows? maybe our paths will cross again. Well, who knows, maybe this prom will helpmake up for it. Well, who knows, i mean, you certainly are infatuation material. They're not here. oh, well, who knows? Well, who knows, we might become, you know, pals, et cetera. Well who knows, maybe a little will fall both our ways. Well, who knows? the ministry is full of them. Well, who knows what the future holds, right? Oh, well. who knows? mm. You're young. lf you do well, who knows what'll happen after the strike. Well, who knows, kermit? maybe you'll come back again someday. Yeah, well, who knows? i might have had an interest in sculpture if these guys didn't give me away. Well, who knows? it was probably some stockbroker who got depressed. I figure after we wrap up this big case here and with your recommendation... well, who knows? Well, who knows? maybe one day you will. How? well, who knows? Well who knows, maybe i can help. Well, the jewels, man. they must be worth, well, who knows? thirty seven "lardols." i thought my friend he was. Well, who knows, nina. who knows well who