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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, who do you think has the best grade point average in the school?"
Well, who knows? it was probably some stockbroker who got depressed. Well , who else could've used that key? Well, who wouldn't, at the grand budapest, sir? Well, who does he think i am? Well, who in the hell have you been talking to? Yeah, well, who gives a fuck? it's over now. Well, who talked to him? Well who else do you think dumb ass? the administration? mr perry? Well, who is this man? Well, who was it? Well, who won the state basketball championship last season, lyle? So you ain't got any family well, who said you needed one? Well, who is free of reservations? Well, who do you think told me about them? Well, who told you it was ecstasy? Well, who was she? i don't know. You know damn well who! Well, who you been crashing with, then? Well, who the hell are you, man? isaac fuckin' newton? – well, who are you? Well, who are the halfcastes gonna fight with? Well, who asked you to? Well, who the fuck is harlon? You know goddamn well who it is! Well, who is this? Well, who says you have to? Yeah, well, who doesn't? Well, who you talking to? dude, not you Well, who started it? Oh, come on. well, who can blame her? I know very well who you are, jane foster. And the ones who don't go after what they want, well, who gives a shit about them, anyway? Well, who are you? Well, who gets them to move? guess. Well, who is it? Well, who asked you? Well, who is he'? i don't know him! Phone for you. well, who is it? 'she'? you know damn well who i mean. Well, who did? And, of course, i thought i made good decisions, but... well, who could have predicted these? Well, who else you got in mind to run that place, abner? Well, who could blame her? Well, who doesn't like milan in the spring? Well, who the fuck's gonna blow the donkey? Well, who told you you could do that, huh? Well, who else knows? no one! I don't know. i didn't take 'em. well, who did? Well, who did all of this? Well, who the fuck takes care of you, then? grandma. Well, who else would it be? nobody. Well, who loves campfire games? Well, who has my job in mexico? Well, who knows? the ministry is full of them. Ah, well, who hasn't, huh? Of course, eighteen months out of sixteen years... doesn't seem like a hell of a lot to me, but... well, who needs them, you know? Well, who better than me? Well, who is it? not telling. Who? i said you should go... well, who do you think? Well, who do you think's been looking after that house all these years, huh? Well, who knows, we might become, you know, pals, et cetera. Somebody. leo crow. well, who is he? Well, who cares what mckee says? it feels right. Well, who says you are? Well, who the fuck are you, gary? i'm gary king. But if my old friend, now chief prosecutor of france, doesn't gain from this lie, well, who does? Well, who among us is? Well, who wouldn't want to go back? it's an amazing opportunity. You know perfectly well who i mean. Well, who do you think i am?. And you said, "well, who wouldn't?" Well, who doesn't let off a little steam every once in a while? Well, who needs 'em, baby? Well, who is it then? All right, well, who do i need to speak to. Well, who doesn't call that girl back? Well, who can i get? Well, who talked to her? uh, jewel talked to her. Oh, well, who is, tommy? who is? Yeah, well, who wouldn't? Well, who are they? who are the bad guys? So? well, who wouldn't want to buy a villa in tuscany? Well, who has authority over this file? Well? who is the third voice? What?! well, who do they think puts all? Well, who would do such an awful thing ? Well, who wrote that? annoying. Well, who am i? i don't have any idea who you are. Well, who else would it be at this time of day? Oh well, who wants to live forever? Well, who can tell, you little sewer rat? Okay, well, who is he? Well, who knows? Well, who wants to help me clean up the christmas decorations? Well, who the hell's watching? Well, who the hell asked you to come back here in the first place? Well, who would do that! Well, who do you think has the best grade point average in the school? who well