Well hello

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, hello. yes.", "Well, hello, ron.", "Well, hello, peter. barbara novak, peter macmannus.", "Well, hello, gladys! you look wonderful."
Well, hello, beautiful. Well, hello, cupid. Well, hello there, chaps. Well, hello, how are things going down there? Well, hello, burt munro from new zealand down under. Well, hello, jeanie. who's bothering you now? Well, hello there. Well hello, folks! hey! Well, hello. But then his mother came out. well, hello. How did i get into this mess? well, hello. Well, hello, baby. Well, hello, boys. Well, hello there, boys! Well, hello, princess. how are you, sweetheart? Well, hello, he's not coming over to study. Well, hello! Well... hello, eddie. Well. hello. Hi. well, hello. Well, hello to you. Shit. well, hello, miss scott. Well, hello there! Well, hello, frankie. Well, hello, tom. Well... hello! Well, hello, hart. Well, hello, richard. yes, i'd like to leave a message. Well, hello, everyone. Well, hello! hello, there! Well hello. hi. Well, hello, julia. Well, hello, sam. nice to meet you. Hello. well, hello, pam. Hey, arthur. well, hello, my dear. Well, hello, lloyd. Well, hello handsome. Well! hello! Well, hello! come on. Well, hello, sailor. Well, hello. chicken or sausage? Well, hello there, sarcasm. how you been, stranger? Well, well. hello. Well, hello. Well, hello there, bruce almighty. Pleasure. well, hello there. Well, hello, mr. right. Well, hello, doctor. Well, hello, mason. i don't recall inviting you to this meeting. Well, hello, charlie! Well, hello, everyone, it's just so nice to have you here with us. Well, hello. hey. Well, hello, marilyn. Well, hello! my name's dustin. Well, well, well, hello! Well, hello, billy. how have you been? Well, hello down there. Ooh, well, hello! i think i know her. Well, hello again, everybody. Well, hello there, charlie. Well, hello, handsome. Well, hello, rock star. Well, hello there. thank you. Well, hello! hey, how's it going? Well, hello, claire. how are we doing? Well, hello. cuba! Well, hello, hello. Well, hello, there. Well, hello, harry. what's the matter? Well, hello there, councilman. Well, hello, gladys! you look wonderful. Well, hello, peter. barbara novak, peter macmannus. Well, hello, ron. Well, hello. yes. hello well