Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, well, conference him in.", "Well, it would be...", "Isn't the type to take bad news well.", "Well, you brought that on yourself."
Well, it's... Well? Well, what do you know? Well, yes. Well, i didn't... Okay, well, that's all. Well, not the best. Well, he was out... Well, the winner takes home five dollars million. Well, i was home. Well, i was in the neighborhood. Well, then. Well... Well, days can get long. Yeah. well, that wouldn't have mattered none in my house. Well, not me. He should be here as well. Wilson is dead! well, dan, that had to be the bloodiest, Well, i... Well, can they? Well, l... Okay, well, come on. Well, what, then? Well, you've got me. Well, hello there, chaps. Well, if we had a better diet. Oh, well. " Well, i go back in. Well. Well, i don't know. Well your boyfriend is in it. Well done. Well, that's good. Well, who was it? You did well. Well, no, it's all important. Well, what? The boy in the well. Well, well, well. Well, if we don't do our jobs. Well volunteered. Oh, well. Well, what do you mean? Well, let's see. She's not doing very well. How well do you know him? Very well, then. Well, who is this man? Well, you know how it is. Well, i hope you don't mind me coming by. Yeah, well, it is. Well, maybe you should stay here. Well, hello. this is jim. Well, in this case, that is true. Well, what about me? Well, you have to see it again. Well, it's in the millions, obviously. Who is this? you know damn well. Well, he is looking for you. I'm well aware of that. No. well, that just makes it worse. Well, your beauty's a problem. Well, that's beautiful. Well, okay. ... as well as the economy. good. Well, it's complicated. Well, not much to tell. Well, you can say that about most anything. Well, for you, inspector. Well, is she okay? Well, go on, read it out. That went well. Well, what about a drink at my place? Well, he discovered... Well, that's that. Well , you go on . That's how well you know me. We don't know each other very well. Well, stud muffin was already taken. Well, it's true. Well, you brought that on yourself. Isn't the type to take bad news well. Well, it would be... Oh, well, conference him in.