We're not alone

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I want my son to know we're not alone, the isaacsons.", "Sally got in her mind that we're not alone."
We're not alone. We're not you know, we're not alone here. everybody's together. I suppose some people would say, "we love to know we're not alone." "we read to know we're not alone." Toad, mystique, stay sharp. we're not alone. But we're not alone. At least we're not alone. I think we tell each other stories to know we're not alone, to make contact. It's a reminder that... that we're not alone, that we're home. Especially because we're not alone. We're not alone. we're not alone. We're not alone on this island. If i can confirm this signal, if we can find it again... then we will finally, finally know that we're not alone. We're not alone in the universe. Father, we're not alone. And guess what, we're not alone in that. No, my mom said she didn't want us alone, but we're not alone. I fear we're not alone in here. Boys... we're not alone. Well it's still good to know that we're not alone. I don't know, you ever like, look up at the stars and think, you know, maybe we're not alone? Hey, we're not alone. Even if things are confusing, at least we're not alone. It may just be my imagination... but i feel like we're not alone. Skipper, the walls are kind of thin. we're not alone. When you engage with another human being, we remind ourselves we're not alone. Just us and some computer telling us that we're not alone. We've gotten this far by ourselves but we're not alone. Peter, we're not alone. Oh, i keep having the feeling that we're not alone. Whenever we're not alone or i'm on the phone and i askyou something doesn't matter what it is you always say... "i'm right on top of that, rose." We're not alone, and we're not safe. Flash me if we find we're not alone, all right? No, sin we're not alone. Sorry. we're not alone. You know, we're not alone in this world. We're not alone. he's in the elevator. But we're not alone, uh, there's the guy... there's a guy on the eleven floor. Dr. nielsen, it's okay. we're not alone anymore. The idea that we're not alone, it'll change everything. Sally got in her mind that we're not alone. I want my son to know we're not alone, the isaacsons. not alone we're not