Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Tell! i'm unarmed.", "They were all unarmed.", "I am investigating the shooting of an unarmed civilian, jason colvin.", "I am unarmed. as you instructed."
You just shot an unarmed man. A psychotic terrorist, identified only as the letter v... attacked the control booth with highpowered explosives and weapons... that he used against unarmed civilians in order to broadcast a message of hate. I am unarmed. They were unarmed. He's unconscious and unarmed, so there's no need to kill him. Unarmed, my ass! christ, it's hot! I'm unarmed, jason. Why would he believe he'd show up alone and unarmed? And you guys are drunk, and unarmed. But he was unarmed. my ass, he was fucking unarmed. Go away! go away! i'm unarmed! I'm unarmed. good. And tell them we're unarmed. Look at me, look at me. i'm unarmed. please. Those transport ships are unarmed, unshielded. They're unarmed, but that's all we've got. copy that. I'm unarmed! That, plus everyone agreeing... that the phoenix police department shooting an unarmed santa... I am unarmed, sir. well, where's your issue? I come to you unarmed and in peace to unstuff your ears, sachem. We have no choice. ethan, you will be walking on moreau unarmed. Until then, i'm here to talk about the beating of an unarmed motorist, rodney king. What if he's unarmed? plant a gun on him afterwards. I'm unarmed, you motherfuckers. They are unarmed prisoners. While rageful violence continues towards the unarmed people of selma, Could you open the door? i'm unarmed. My ass, you was fucking unarmed. i found it, motherfucker. Here's all you need to know. you walk in unarmed. Dad, did you know that the ancient greek warriors... had to learn forty four different ways of unarmed combat? And i'm not gonna sugarcoat it, you're untrained, you're unarmed, and let's face it, son, you present a huge target. But i did tell him to promise to come alone and unarmed, and he said he would. Who's agreed to show up alone and unarmed. but, yeah, guess what? Yes, but he was an unarmed prisoner. Because they shoot uniforms, not unarmed civilians. We got two f16s coming out of selfridge, but they're unarmed. My associate is unarmed. We got her trapped. she's unarmed. The government's reply is violence, armed attacks on unarmed and defenseless people. I'm alone and unarmed. I don't speak spanish, andy. i'm unarmed. I'm unarmed. He was unarmed. Because they didn't. the two unarmed men who did this... "sources report that he was unarmed and shot in the dark. Listen to me. backup is on its way. don't go in unarmed. What kind of charlatan would want you unarmed in this world? I usually hate killing an unarmed man. Repeat: do not go in unarmed. that is an order! I think with your iq, you're unarmed and still very dangerous. Who guns down an unarmed suspect. All right, i'm unarmed. so let the boy go. Yes, but bond bond was unarmed. You know, go in unarmed? You take sternwood, he's unarmed. Send three men, and instruct them not to shoot, as i am unarmed. You and pete are unarmed security guards. I am unarmed. as you instructed. I am investigating the shooting of an unarmed civilian, jason colvin. They were all unarmed. Tell! i'm unarmed.