Uh yes

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Uh, yes that's correct.", "Mmm! uh... yes! yes, i can do that.", "Uh, yes, sir. yes, sir. please hold.", "Darrel waltrip here! uh, yes, mr. waltrip?", "Um, we're going to, uh... uh, yes, come in."
Is that your team? uh, yes. Excuse me, miss. uh, yes? Um... we're just filing a motion, but, uh, yes. Oh, uh, yes, thank you. Do you understand? uh, yes. Uh, yes, sir. Afternoon, sir. uh, yes, sir. Uh, yes. Uh, yes, sir. we work with those gentlemen all the time. Are we clear on this? uh, yes. Can i say what it's regarding? uh, yes, concrete. Uh, yes. yes, he does. Ah. uh... yes... now what was i, uh... what... uh, you said something about good news? Yeah, the name of the place. uh... yes. lew's... Uh... yes, yes. recently? Uh, yes, sir. i'm here. Uh yes, l do. with gusto. Uh, yes, i'm the temporary custodian of the lime green roller skate, but it's a hired car; it's a rental. Join him? uh, yes, Hoyt. uh, yes, sir? Crash. uh, yes, right. Uh, yes. i'm an hour away, i think, if the traffic's okay. Yes. uh, my name is, uh... yes? Uh, yes, but my father has said that... perhaps you should not speak so freely on matters you do not understand. Uh, yes and no. Uh, yes. can we watch one? Uh, yes, sir. he's a wild man. you know that? Yes! uh... yes, mary? What do you want?! uh, yes, well, it's about the trial. Yeah, all right, fuck, let's... uh, yes. Uh, yes. because i remind you of you. Uh yes, i went there. Uh, yes, the lady in white. Uh, yes. um Uh, uh. yes, peter? Uh, yes. i'm about to make the first public speech of my life. Uh, yes, put him through. Oh. oh, uh, yes. Sit down. you want a coffee? uh, yes, i do. Uh, yes, we did. i saw them here... Uh, yes. yeah. Uh, yes. uh, fine, judge. fine. good. Uh, yes, sir. but only seventy dollars of it was his. Uh, yes, mrs. graham. Uh, yes, i see it. second socket? Uh, yes, the ninth battalion. Uh, yes, well, you could try. Is he here? uh... yes. Uh, yes, a little, on the couch. Uh, yes, well, i will, i'll be there. Can i help you? uh, yes. Uh, yes, good evening. Uh, yes. all right. Uh, yes, he is. Uh, yes, well, this happens to be a nocturne. This for your wife? uh, yes. I'm good. uh, yes, thank you. he's gone. he went to dinner. Uh, yes, l do. they're both latin american men. Uh, yes. from the university of nigeria. Uh yes, congratulations. Oh uh, yes, quite so. Uh, yes, please. thank you. Uh, yes. gee. Uh... yes. Uh, yes, sir. just, uh, one moment. Uh yes, huh, uhm… at least a dozen people send their love. Uh, yes, when i was in mecca making the pilgrimage... the brotherhood that existed there among all people, all races... Hoyt? uh, yes, sir. Are you married? uh, yes. Uh, yes. no, no, no. you're quick. you're quick. Let me ask you, robin. uh, yes, sir? Uh... yes. okay, iisten. can you piease connect me... No. well, uh, yes. yes, of course. Are you ready to go? uh, yes, okay. No... uh, yes, that's for the kitchen. Uh, yes. hello. miss cole? yeah. Uh, yes, we will take pictures... but i'm afraid "shooting the son of a bitch" is not a service that we currently offer. Uh, yes, lovely. thanks, andrew. Uh, yes, ma'am? Uh, yes, absolutely. please follow me. Uh, yes, hello. Darling? uh, yes, darling? May i help you? uh, yes, ma'am. Uh, yes, other plans. Uh... yes. yes. one dollars . fifty Um, we're going to, uh... uh, yes, come in. Darrel waltrip here! uh, yes, mr. waltrip? Uh, yes, sir. yes, sir. please hold. Mmm! uh... yes! yes, i can do that. Uh, yes that's correct. yes uh