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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Uh, jump ahead ten, twenty years. okay? and you're married."
Uh, half. I pledged in my campaign, uh, to have... Uh, because of raccoons. Well, uh, my prayers have been answered, turkle. I'd like to send him back to the, uh, work farm, frankly. We chartered the boat, we're going to go fishing... and, uh, that's all there is to it. Oh, yeah, on this boat. uh, ask captain block. You know, if, uh... billy doesn't feel like, uh, talking... i mean, uh, why are you pressing him? Oh. oh, yeah. oh. uh... What can you tell me about, uh... why you've been sent over here? Uh, his only source of funds. If you can, just, uh, give me a call, okay? Uh, excuse me. excuse me? And, uh, our guest? Don't see anything like that except, uh, molecular acid. Then, maybe i should uh, file a police report. Prince. uh. I find it, uh... amusing. Uh, no thanks, i'm not thirsty but thank you. What? uh, lamb gyro please? I, uh, i want you to collect magazines from everybody. I heard that was, uh, quite a recommendation you gave me. Are you going to the, uh, exhibition with them? Nothing here. uh, try my legal name. Yeah, the, uh, masked man. we're on it. Pretty soon we'll be chasing down, uh, overdue library books. Uh, you don't get to bring friends. Have you had any, uh, experience with that? So, uh, so i sent my chief negotiator. I ask you about war, you'd probably, uh, throw shakespeare at me, right? Well, i mean, i do, i do do things, you know? i mean... what, uh, what kind of things? Will, the pressures, and i'm not judging them... i'm not, uh, labelling them... but they are destroying your potential. Yep. hey, uh, it's will. Yeah. i, uh, i remember that class. Nothing major by itself, but, uh, put them all together, it could add up to a lot of years. Uh, you got a back door to this place? Could we, uh... . what did you bring him here for? Give me the, uh, blue plate special. No, no. he, uh, packed it in. Okay, uh, tell me what happened before he disappeared. Check the, uh check the connections, please. This is, uh, stan fink, one of our most experienced and skilled technicians. I would stay for dinner... but, uh, uh, it's unbelievable. Why are they upstairs? uh, books. Where are the kids? uh, upstairs. You don't have to get up. it's, uh... pretty early in the morning. No, uh, garson. garson cross. Like, uh, what kind of music do you like. No, just, uh not just yet. Uh, this is bobby. Towns are, uh, usually founded by topography... proximity to roads and rivers. Yes, uh, he's here with me. Uh, can i call you back? Uh, annaliese goes to the great wall of china. Uh, i don't uh, she was weaving this for norman and rita. Oh, uh, dad, would you do me a favour, i left my tux jacket at the shop for alterations. Uh, why hasn't she told jessica? Like when you, uh, both go to see a movie together for the first time. Uh, "when i wore it i had to have it taken out." Uh, sadly we do not. Everything but uh, try it on. Well, let's just say, uh, norman's surprise bachelor party will be a bit of a surprise to everyone. My name, uh... it's jill. Kate, how would you make a move on her? oh, uh. Uh, no. vegan gringo? Oh. uh... i'm sorry to interrupt. And uh... he... Hey. uh, maybe tomorrow, we can cut that hair. And, uh, my colleague prescribed this for your pain, for your wrist, until they can get you set up for surgery. Uh, yeah, that would be great. Uh... or... anus. Well, uh, i don't have your belt. Uh, the vote's not in yet. Sorry, man. i used to drive a cab, and, uh, people would expect a little chitchat. You know, i have this, uh, recurring dream. He was named raoul, uh... whatever. So no, she's not okay. neither am i. uh, i made dinner for us, four hours ago. um... Uh, how many have come through? By what name are you calling him? uh, brian. I, uh, think i once gave a lecture... at the university of missouri. Uh, the cia has been caught opening senator humphrey's mail. A series about a bunch of, uh, bankrobbing guerillas? Is that all right? uh A joint venture? to, uh... And, uh... are you comfortable here? Uh, excuse me, sir. I'm sorry. i... it's, uh... I, uh... expected you to be a great big fat dame by now. I am aware that, uh, playing an older woman is part of my problem. Uh, start with "you don't get to me". Uh, coach said you needed a driver. Uh... you and my sister. Would you like to, uh... Listen, uh... I'm having kind of an odd situation, which is that, um uh this is you see that girl over there? I just, uh i couldn't go home right away. But then other times, it seems silly, like it would, uh, ruin my whole life. Uh, you know, um... Uh, what's a problem for you? you, probably. what? Uh, jump ahead ten, twenty years. okay? and you're married.