To you sir

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I bow down to you, sir.", "Well! good afternoon to you, sir.", "Good day to you, sir. good day."
Good morning, havemeyer. morning to you, sir. Check. check to you, sir. And a good day to you, sir! sit down, please. Good day to you, sir. And a blessed day to you, sir. have a blessed day. And a blessed day to you, sir. We've been assigned to you, sir. Good morning to you, sir. And my compliments to you, sir. No, go ahead. good talking to you, sir. For it to be a conspiracy, there would have to be harm to you, sir. I ain't got nothing to say to you, sir. Three hundred dollars to you, sir. call. Can i talk to you, sir? "i am particularly indebted to you, sir." L'm sorry this happened to you, sir. Commandant, i want to talk to you, sir. Mr. peloubet, a very cordial welcome to you, sir. Good day to you sir. The position of head librarian has never really appealed to you, sir? Good night to you, sir. The best of luck to you. and to you, sir. After her chores yeah to us all to you, sir and miss and to the boys and the boys To you, sir? Three hundred dollars to you, sir. And a very good night to you, sir. It'll come to you, sir. We're trying to get to you, sir. Just out of curiosity, lieutenant, what happened to you? sir, i signed up to be a fighter pilot, not a cop. Yes, hello to you, sir. how's your morning? Good fortune to you, sir. It's just that every time i've seen pictures of battlefield scenes... and, uh, i always see the drummer boy lying dead next to his drum... and, uh, if it's all the same to you, sir... i'd like to trade my rifle in for a drum. I believe you instructed me to come directly to you, sir... if i felt i was being mistreated in any way. We'll begin the bidding at twenty dollars million. to you, sir. Good day to you, sir. good day. Well! good afternoon to you, sir. I bow down to you, sir. you sir to you