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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Thomas rode to bristol, liverpool, plymouth, talking to men who'd worked the slave ships, ships' doctors who'd treated them, slaves themselves who'd been whipped and branded."
Not exactly. his name's schiff, thomas. I'd like to speak with thomas kennedy. St. vincent thomas bridge, that's escape route number one number two over here, anaheim to the one hundred and ten Part of thomas edison's smear campaign against mr. tesla's superior alternating current. For thomas wayne, helping others... wasn't about proving anything to anyone, including himself. I mean, i always think of thomas wolfe, you know, if you ever seen that little one page note to reader in the front of "look homeward, angel", you know what i'm talking about? You must stay the night, thomas. yes. They got thomas. Thomas kyd. And i challenge the motor city cobra... thomas "hit man" hearns... to fight me for the welterweight championship of the whole world! Thomas, you need to say hello to karen holloway. He wants your job, thomas. And i challenge the motor city cobra, thomas "hit man" hearns... to fight me for the welterweight championship of the whole world. I'm trying thomas and fedens. all right. Thomas would probably not have taken the company public. Thomas jefferson mentions happiness a couple times... in the declaration of independence. Thomas! I don't think thomas wayne would have viewed heavyarms manufacture... as a suitable cornerstone for our business. Even when thomas edison came to him with his brandnew invention, the phonograph. I think after twenty years we can allow ourselves... to stop thinking about what thomas wayne would have done. And i know what we have seen, thomas. The last one one years, i've been at thomas alva edison high school. Stanley. thomas kyd. No? worse, they work for thomas edison. Georgina, i'm lily. thomas sent me... Thomas. thomas. What? thomas was a son. Did you meet with thomas and fedens? yes. Professor, my name is thomas king. Thomas, i am so sorry. If you believe in progress, reelect mayor red thomas. I'm here, thomas. I am, sir. thomas doss. Thomas. yes? Reelect mayor red thomas. Thomas. To those of us gathered here today, thomas mckenzie filled a number of different roles in our lives. Thomas king? Thank you. bye. thomas. You told thomas about last night? Thomas jefferson. i don't think he did it. Uh, if you would kindly tell him corporal thomas doss would appreciate a brief word. No. thomas, you have to look after simon. Under sir thomas erpingham. Well, can we... ? what's your first name, mr. thomas? Thomas rides in the bus with charlie. Thomas is dead. Your brother will never be able to do the things you can, thomas. He would give thomas kent the life of viola de lesseps' dreaming. Charlie, open your mouth for thomas. Thomas. yes, sir? Simon! thomas! Wake up, mr. thomas. Thomas, can you help me? There's an iron statue outside brought up from perth by this fine man, thomas, here. Charlie. thomas searles. Wait! you’re still a maid... and perhaps as mistook in me as i was mistook in thomas kent. ... to join the irs, mr. thomas? Look, thomas. it's the spastic bus! Thomas. we've got the bastard. Get thomas started on those lunches! It is, thomas, but of good reputation. Thomas, please, don't. no, no. i insist. Thomas! thomas, don't you dare your brother! Ma'am, do you have a thomas malone or louis marini living here? Local teacher thomas woodward is still being treated by air force medical personnel after last night's train derailment. Um, i'm thomas. Mr. thomas. Thomas! simon! Now, look at thomas. Thomas. thomas, keep the gun on him, he's definitely a criminal. Thomas was my brother, as well as your son. I don't... i don't have an order for a ben thomas. Thomas! your bag. Youyou won't tell him what i said, will you, inspector thomas? Don't be nervous about this, thomas. Is that you, thomas? honey? Thomas, i'd really like to say you're irreplaceable... but i'd be lying. Bye thomas! Thomas, listen to me. you're shot. And this is narcos. where's thomas? I seek master thomas kent. musicians don’t eat. I like the name thomas a lot. There you go. astrid magnussen, this is starr thomas. Charlie thomas. fine young man. Bradley thomas. Sergeant thomas... sorry for my misbehavior earlier. My name is charles thomas allen ll, but people call me chas. Unlock mr. thomas so that he can change into his neons. Fucking sergeant thomas will chew my ass for chow! Is this what you really want to talk about for five bucks a dance, thomas? Thomas merton? thomas merton. And he turns to thomas. Come on! the ball! yes, thomas. What's your full name? adam thomas mitchell. Mr. thomas? yes. And what about thomas? why are you so hard on him? Thomas rode to bristol, liverpool, plymouth, talking to men who'd worked the slave ships, ships' doctors who'd treated them, slaves themselves who'd been whipped and branded.