There's an

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Where are you calling from? there's an echo."
There's an airstrip at the top of that gorge. There's an awful lot of moisture in here. Like there's an inner part that's woman. I'm a lot older than you, but i tend to think that there's an element of music that cannot be captured. Okay, fine. we can there's an american plane. She's using her cell. there's an incoming text. Although there's an obvious explanation. There's an access tunnel that leads... There's an emotional core... to each of our memories, and when you eradicate that core it starts its degradation process. There's an entire army headed your way. There's an airplane out there. The window maybe there's an alarm. the window. Well, there's an answer to that too. There's an antman and a spiderman? There's an einstein quote i really, really like. There's an overpass. go up the stairs. stop at the newsstand. Now there's an eye opener, and no mistake. Now, there's an underground vault... where they put all the stones they buy up to keep off the market... so they can keep the price high. Why do i sense there's an offer in the air? There's an ambulance comin'. man over yonder went to call. I know they're the only friends that we ever had, but there's an army of ravagers around them. There's an international treaty saying no country can lay claim to anything that's not on earth. If there's an issue, speak to him. I mean, i understand that she dies... but there's an unwritten contract between author and... gus? yeah? There's an angle here. pete's a made guy. The alien... there's an old army radio console. I mean, he's bleeding all over and you guys know that there's an aids epidemic happening right now as we speak, right? There's an electrical service duct right behind your drummer's riser. There's an upstairs. There's an ebb and flow to this kind of work. Aye, sir. there's an atmospheric regulator at the core. There's an iron statue outside brought up from perth by this fine man, thomas, here. But there's an entire... hidden city under the water. There's an answer in it. There's an englishman. There's an outside chance i'm not even coming tonight. There's an expression: "god closes a door, but he opens a window." There's an old saying: an ostrich with his head in the sand makes a lousy cop. Well, guess what? there's an entire world of people There's an orange marker. it was right here. He breaks into my apartment there's an old expression that has served me well: "do not shit where you eat." There's an onoff button on the back of the rig. There's an officer on deck. First, there's an opportunity. There's an airport here in welch. There's an american navy man here. There's an advantage to dealing with pimps and thieves. From twenty one there's an attack on the coloured people in two avenue. There's an apple and tree analogy lurking. There's an intake pipe here, below low tide. It's a bit primitive but there's an extraordinary view. There's an f1 six three hundred and sixty five days twenty four There's an operative in dieppe. There's an antidote. i can make a deal for it, but i got to go alone. Well, there's an extension in the living room. There's an old cattle station down that way a bit next to where they burn their garbage. There's an exit! And unless there's a fire in some other part of the building we don't know about, there's an awful lot of people here with nothing better to do. And if there's an ambush and you get entrenched? There's an echo! come and hear. There's an ongoing theory that i'm merely a figment of your imagination. You can answer. there's an intercom in the room. On my father's side. there's an "e" at the end. There's an interview that's pretty good. There's an old mexican tale that tells of how santa claus got so busy looking out for the good children, that he had to hire some help to look out for the bad children. There's an older one here. There's an old church in the town plaza. On the truck, there's an old man. The al jazeera is gonna play up the fact that there's an f. b. i. presence here. No, i don't have to go there. i like it here. there's an exit. There's an end to it. If there's an entire defense industry, why would the pentagon want to buy anything from you? There's an echo. listen. When a light bulb is turned off, there's an afterglow, Let's go up the road and see if there's an inn or something. It's very easy to fall in love with the underdog, but there's an upside and a downside to this thing. There's an old warehouse... and there's a chinese character on it. Two miles down that road, there's an arsenal. If you like, i can ask round, see if there's an elder who would travel with you. You know you're supposed to stop when there's an accident, right? There's an old saying my mother taught me. I guess you're saying there's an awful lot of trails for us to cover, hmm? You know, there's an industry term for that. There's an imperial defector in jedha. a pilot. There's an inherent threat in that one commanding syllable. There's an invisible world all around you, a kingdom of spirits commissioned to guard you, jane. There's an alliance squadron approaching. clear the area. There's an awesome candidate that we could steal from the hammer if we move fast. And we can have a good joke and have fun... but there's an edge to everything, which i think is quite unique. "in... there's an 'i' in meat pie." If there's an epidemic in the nether, it's best we know about it. Some people, there's an expiration date on forgiveness you know, so i had to call when i remembered. There's an absolute morality? maybe. Come, take hands and there's an end. Over here there's an old church. I wanted to tell you, and i want you to hear from me first... there's an article about me coming out in the times tomorrow. Why? because, nikolai... there's an eighteen girl who needs to meet her uncle. You'll wake up and there's an angel sitting at the edge of your bed. Where are you calling from? there's an echo. an there's