Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Paddy! there's some people here to see ya!", "There's something wrong. they're coming back down.", "And when they go in... there's no coming out."
Now, there's a batman. We're tight, but frankly, there's a lot of windows up here. Pity there's only one of you. Oh. there's only one spot open right now, so we're gonna have... tryouts. But i know the truth. there's no going back. you've changed things. And there's the thumbprint he left when he pushed the round in the clip. There's a swat team on the stairwell. If there's anything we can do, anything you need, we're here for you. All they know is there's a situation. There's something going on on the ferries. No! there's no time! There's only minutes left, so you'll have to play my game... if you wanna save one of them. There's a better view from the peak tram. There's nothing in them. Oh, there's no need to worry, it's been chaste. There's not enough time. See if there's a blackandwhite that can do a driveby. There's no money you can steal. There's nothing personal in these documents, your honor. There's an airstrip at the top of that gorge. And they run out of gas and there's a madman on the the thing with the hand? There's misdrops all over normandy. Unfortunately, there's certain parts of my life l have to keep private. What do you think? there's tons of food. I heard there's a treasure map, under here. There's no sense in you staying in that greasy old shop. There's one guy in here who's gonna be somebody. That's why there's so few dangerous men around like bob. There's no one else. no one else! l was just There's no pain would prise his need from him. There's a royal monopoly on the manufacture of salt. There's no need to surveil him. And there's more bad news. Forget the heavy equipment. there's time to get small modules on the transports. There's nothing i look forward to... with greater pleasure, mr. grady. So there's that on top, then. I... there's just no one else i could give it to. I think there's more to this hobbit than meets the eye. There's a great deal at stake in this matter. There's a good story behind this one uh, actually, mr. barish, i'll get a much better emotional readout... if you refrain from any sort of verbal description of the items. So i would like permission to move her to one of the offices where there's a sofa. There's an awful lot of moisture in here. There's something wrong with you. get out! There's the call. three minutes. There's a picture of uncle walt up there. There's this tournament, it's a big tournament. There's someone here. There's two dozen french police officers out there right now on christmas eve? There's his statement. There's nothing of this in the guidebook. General, there's a fleet of stardestroyers... coming out of hyperspace in sector four. That's right. there's nothing to tell. There's been a bunch of this found at crime scenes lately. From what yule mae says, there's a lot of time to write letters in jail. Immortan. if i get on the rig, there's a way inside. They're back. there's no choices left. After my mother died, you know what he told me? "robert, there's really nothing to be said." There's something not right here. ("put your hand in the hand" continues playing over the radio) (ralph & anna indistinctly chattering) and it causes me shame to know we're not the people we should be the school board's telling me there's no money for new band uniforms. Hey, look, there's jack will. Back on the bus! there's nowhere to go. There's no way we can haul them all the way to the fort. Then there's a redaction process. There's someone on your tail. get in the store. There's something i think you should see. Sir, what about them? i mean, there's barely hardly enough... I do, there's a particular pebble in my shoe, who represents my investors. There's a rebate on rents paid. Look! there's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up. There's a lot of things i miss about the us yeah, like what? There's a fella chained to it; he's got one on too. It's like the smell... there's a smell,there's attraction thing and after a while, it just kinda fades away a little bit... yeah, well... it's supposed to fade away. There's only one left in here now There's five hundred dollars in there. the wallet's worth more than that. There's about twenty of them down by the creek. There's a storm coming, mr. wayne. Maybe there's something about it in the papers. Sir, there's another federation ship! Hi. i've been thinking... there's something i want to ask you... but i don't think you'll understand why unless you know a few things about me. Huh? there's nothing here. there aren't any records. And there's lots of pages left over for baby photos. Dude. '0k, we proceed, 'but only if there's no funny stuff.' yeah, yeah. I hear there's to be a convoy. yes. Well, there's rowena ravenclaw's lost diadem. There's a dignity in royalty... which precludes the likelihood of assassination. Good god boy there's a poet in you after all! So if there's a problem, you must be that problem. I hate to be the one to break this... but there's history with mary elizabeth and sam. President johnson said he regretted there's no end in sight to the war... where five hundred us troops are now fighting. There's nothing catalogued downtown under the numbers b three hundred and twenty one fifty six What's to ruin? there's hardly any meat on them. Six months ago, he could sometimes tell light from dark, but now there's nothing. It's like, you know, no matter how the training goes, there's there's always room for something that's just totally unpredictable. There's your girlfriend. There's no more truth out there than there is in the world i created for you. There's dust and shit all over. There's a sniper! he's up there! where? And when they go in... there's no coming out. There's something wrong. they're coming back down. Paddy! there's some people here to see ya!