She's not

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But if she's not here... Like i said... she's not most people. She's not alone. Donna, she's not here, you should leave. She's not experienced, but she knows how to present herself. It's like i've woken up in bed and she's not here... So she's not your girlfriend? no. no. She's not your friend. she's someone you use to feel better about yourself. She's not, lars. No, she doesn't. she doesn't have nurse's training, lars, because she's not a person. Karin, karin, she's not gonna eat. She's not well either. she went to the spa. She says she's not going back after spring break unless she can take it with her. She's not looking at me. She's not looking at me. she's busy. She's not tied up. you know what i mean. She's unusual. she's not crazy, so don't say she's crazy. She's not gonna come down here with the two puppies, screaming at frank? So no, she's not okay. neither am i. uh, i made dinner for us, four hours ago. um... She's not really his. She's not gonna change. Say, she's not married up or anything like that, is she? She's not married? divorced with four kids. She's not entirely sure. She's not coming. She's not doing very well. She looks upset. she's not upset. She's not talking to me. Jack, she's not an... She's not just a computer. she's her own person. Well, she's not gonna find any. She's not alone in all this. She's not honey babe. But she's not bitter or anything. make no mistake. She's not letting me in. She's not going with us. She's not going to mexico with us. with us? No, she's not at home! yes, i'm sure. i'm at home alone. No, she's not. The truth is, she's not been so well lately. Well, she's not bloody here, is she? She's not your mum anymore! She's gonna come back! she's not gone anywhere. She's not gonna buy this for a second. She's not dead. She's not even sure if she believes in love. She's not just a psychic. Vanessa is gone. she's not coming back. She'll be under my supervision. she's not suitable. Don't play mother just because she's not home. She's not going anywhere. You know, if you keep breaking up with tori like that, one of these times she's not coming back. She's not well. I don't know why she's not waking up, ben. She's not a nurse. She's not my secretary. She's not russian, sir. She's not married. she's a widow... with three beautiful little girls. Yeah, she's not so terrible to share with. She's not my wife. Come on, man. she's not all that big, gilbert. what? Look, she's not a beauty queen. She's not drinking. No, you can't. she's not an alcoholic anymore. Would you shut up? she's not retarded. She's not just going to paris. She's not lennie anymore. she's lenore. She's not really getting any... any better. She's not that bad. God knows she's not coming to see me. She's not pregnant. I called her at home, she's not there. She's not hurt, but we must get her warm. More to your good fortune she's not. Pretty soon she's not gonna wanna hold my hand at all. What do i care? she's not my real wife! She didn't die, but she's not alive. Well, i guarantee you she's not, and she never will be. You know she's not sick. give me the phone. She's not attractive to me. She's not into breaking the law, which this letter would definitely be doing. Listen, patrick, she's gone. she's not around anymore. nikki left. Yes! you were right. she's not bad. She's not still hungry? She's not interested in me. She's not safe. She's not home. She's just that, she's not capable. She's not the reason. She's either dead, or she's not dead. She's not a girl. she's a freak. She's not here. She's not ill, sir. she refuses to eat. She's not a radical, she's a quaker. She's not bothering me at all susan. how are you? What if she's not raving? No, she's not a cat. No. she's not. not she's