Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Roger that! danny, comms!", "Hi, daisy. meet roger appsley.", "Roger, get that! he's not a traitor...", "Delta one thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine roger."
Twofivetwo, roger. bunkers at point. Yeah, roger van zant. please hold. Eight roger. possible crank call. It's all right, roger. it's all right. we're here. Just point the camera. roger that. pointing the camera. Roger. read it out. message reads, News as it happens. roger pratt reporting. Roger your last, bravo six. we copy. it's your call. You are safe, you are safe, roger. you are safe, roger. Let him go. roger. Forgive me, paul. elys says that roger has gone. Roger van zant. owns banks in the caymans. Roger, yankee seventeen you are cleared to return. Roger, sir. Roger, base. Roger that, flight. beginning launch status check. You are safe. you are out, roger. Roger's not here. where is he? where's roger? Roger that. martinez, the captain would like you to please... I'm on it. roger. Is that mitch? roger! Good evening, gentlemen. i'm roger strong. I love this first one from roger to his girlfriend. So to write your letter, what did roger send you? I will roger that. Jo siffert, roger williamson and today, at watkins glen, formula one has claimed another driver. Maybe frank could come work for you, roger. Roger, you're okay. L27, roger. Roger that. Yeah, roger van zant? Give it a try. roger. Roger. it's papa. Roger your last, bravo six. Tell your mother what happened, roger. Captain kaliso, come on. roger. It's okay, roger. Eight roger. use caution. Roger! roger, i will follow on the next flight. Stay still, roger. keep him still, paul. Roger. disregard. it was just the information passed on. Roger thompson? Yeah, this is roger van zant. Seven roger. david one million, ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty five Roger, it's susan. it's thursday, and i want you to call... We're on for tonight. roger, sir, i understand. Roger that, colonel. out. You know "loger" moore? roger moore? Thirteenxthirteen, roger on the ra. I'll help. roger that. Us air eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty boston center, roger. Roger that. yeah, baby, yeah. Roger, out. Landing coordinates are spot on, seven roger that, capcom. Hey, can i say hi to roger? Bye, roger. Roger. Roger that, sir. stand by. Roger, is there any chance you could ever make one of these that's strong enough for someone that's not... your sister? Roger that, tcw. Roger! god! Well, roger that, burt. and congratulations. How's roger? is he home? he's home. Ready, roger and out, sir duncan. Hello, cinque. my name is roger baldwin. One thousand, two hundred and one roger, one thousand, two hundred and one alarm. At the nfl owners meeting in illinois, roger goodell... there's a new sheriff in town. Roger, friendship seven Thirteenxthirteen, roger. Roger that, murphy. Roger that. we're not sure why the inboard was out... . Just so you know, roger, you know that we women... make love because we like it. Roger that, thirteen we show the same. Roger that, two. approach runway twenty one Roger. got everyone. Twentyfive. twentyfive meters. roger that. Hi, i'm roger. lorraine. Roger that. let's blow it. Roger that. i got him. Run! run hard, roger! And roger daly, saying, have us for breakfast tomorrow and every morning, and have a wonderful day. Hi. i'm roger stuart. i'd like to talk to you for a moment. Roger that, au swat1. allow the vehicle to enter the quarry road. Roger, wait out. Roger. give me two hours. Roger, al. understand, go at least seven orbits. No! yes! don't let her get... no, no, no! let's go, roger! My mom's a lot older than roger. like nine years. That's the last that we heard. roger. George lazenby? roger moore? Delta one thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine roger. Roger, get that! he's not a traitor... Hi, daisy. meet roger appsley. Roger that! danny, comms!