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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And fortunately these wonderful veterinarians put their lives on hold to help these animals."
No, i really came to tell you that our business deal has to be put on hold. Okay, we'll put it on hold. In today's real estate news, after a series of contentious negotiations, the biggest private real estate development in the south bronx has been put on hold. Let me put you on hold. My mom put her life on hold for my brother. Sorry, can i put you on hold? i thought you might. When your plane went down... everything just sort of got put on hold. Look, don't don't put me on hold. I couldn't let you put your dreams on hold while you waited for me. No, there was a room on hold here, so i thought i'd just take it for the weekend. I'm on hold. Yes, i'm still on hold. and what was this? Nor can we put on hold a military operation at every stage for legal clarification. So it's like i'm peering into other peoples' lives because my own is just temporarily on hold. When mom and dad died, you came home and put your life on hold to take care of me. Put me on hold. Then you can put me on hold. thank you. For you. it's eddie on hold. Don't put me on hold, please! Just came in from vermont, i think it might be on hold for a customer. Look, come on. i thought we agreed that this weekend was about your dad and we'd put all personal issues on hold. we agreed, didn't we? The air traffic controller has put us on hold, so in the meantime, i've asked the cabin attendants to start the movie. Come on. hold on. I don't think a producer would dare put a network executive on hold. Ever put anybody on hold? I have to put you on hold. Can you do it? i'm on hold. Jesus christ ! come on ! hold on ! Yeah, i'm gonna put you on hold while i track him down. How dare you put the phones on hold? Lucy, i don't know why the phones were on hold. Otherwise i could have had someone on hold. Please don't put me on hold again. I got sort of a nutty call on hold, chief. Don't put me on hold. Pretty soon, the federal government is sure to be offering tax incentives for ecologically friendly manufacturing, and so on. hold on. Maybe your dreams are on hold right now. I've got the pediatrician on hold. Hi, bryan. i have the mayor's office on hold. what's up? The police just put me on hold. Come on, hold on. But i can't put my whole life on hold. What's going on, teddy? i've been on hold here for ten minutes. I have patty fenn on hold. You can't put life on hold, charlie. I put my life on hold for him and what do i have? You've just got this kid on hold. But be warned, when they're forced to put their plans on hold, our approval ratings might be in for a bit of a hammering. So now they want me to start over and write some hack mozart crap so the customers can smarten up and answer their own tech support questions while they're on hold. I'm on hold. i got it! i found the manual. I don't have an answer yet. i'm on hold. They put you on hold? They put me on hold. Your majesty, lady jerome has just arrived, and i have the french consulate's assistant on hold. Come on, hold this open. Rebekah, turner's secretary just called and said you had her on hold for five minutes. That is why i've put everything on hold while i try to make it as an actor. You know, i think i'm gonna put that on hold for a bit, actually. So, everything else just got put on hold. All right, christian, listen, i'm gonna have to put you on hold. You're brain's on hold. you're thinking with your dick. His brain is on hold. why? How you put your education on hold to serve your country, to fight in the war. Packets on hold until i talk to ranger bright. Hold on! hold on. question, question. I read in the tabloids that she is putting her acting career on hold. Get on, hold on. Repeat, put your weapons on hold. I'm gonna place you on hold while we triangulate your location. Excuse me, do you have any idea how long i was just on hold? Now hold on. hold... Oh, come on. hold your tongue and listen. Go on, hold it steady. Who's on hold? So we have to put that on hold. I put it on hold. So until the negotiations break down... your people are on hold. Here. you're on hold. I mean, they keep you on hold forever. Michael monroe, we're putting this mission on hold. Don't put me on hold. Let him put her on hold, 'cause you don't give a fuck about her, do you? ... to the shocking realization that you suddenly have three kids, and you had to put your whole life on hold for obvious reasons... Put the psychological stuff on hold. I guess your dreams of goin' nascar are still on hold. Can i put you on hold? Maybe the rest of us should just put our lives on hold... for the next two, three weeks while you oil yourself up with enough booze... and bullshit that you can make your mind up. shall we do that? huh? It surprised me because i thought that if... if it didn't work out with serena this time... i'd put that sort of thing on hold for a long time. Detectives have yet to find any incriminating evidence against mr. uschev, and with no new leads, the investigation into kaspar's disappearance has been put on hold. But i happen to have gotten pregnant with lena... and then i had you... so i had to put my dreams on hold. Why did kaspar's plans change that night, and why did he put everything on hold for two months after that score? I don't think so, sir, most the delivery of parts are on hold 'til the new year, but they're doing me an exception. I'll call you every day. you get one minute... whether you put me on hold or talk, is up to you. I don't want to be put on hold over a parking spot, so why don't we just try this again? In january, regina had put a spring fling dress on hold at a store called one hundred and thirty five Unfortunately, all my maneuvers have been put on hold while the matter's being adjudicated. To see his only little girl put her life on hold for some cheating fucking asshole. We're putting this on hold until you guys work this camera out, all right? And fortunately these wonderful veterinarians put their lives on hold to help these animals. hold on