Not finished

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "If we hurry i'm not finished."
We're not finished yet. In two centuries, no army has won without... i'm not finished! He's says he's not finished. yeah. that's what you think. Oh, c'mon, i'm not finished yet. now. get out. That's enough, bruce. i'm not finished. I'm not finished. I am! not finished yet. I'm not finished with you. I'm not finished! The movie's not finished yet. It's not finished? No, it's not finished and it's really just not very good, so... well, i'll tell you if it's good or not. I'm just not finished yet. yeah, well, i am. It's not finished. Michael? we're not finished. It's not finished yet. Yeah it's not finished yet there's smithie's house. Hey, bub, i'm not finished with you yet. I am not finished with her yet. We're not finished. no? speak for yourself. I'm not finished. there's a lot more. Hey, i'm not finished. All right, that's enough. i'm not finished. We're not finished. Stay with me, sweetness... 'cause i'm not finished with you yet. I'm not finished yet. i'm not finished with him! What? it's not finished. Type it up? it's not finished until you type it up. You're done! i'm not finished. I'm not finished yet. Okay. i'm not finished. It's not finished. give me tonight to work on it. Uh, i'm not finished, yet. Job's not finished. we could help with the evacuation, I'm not finished. i'm not finished... Are you finished? no, i'm not finished. We're not finished with pointcorp. I'm not finished with it. We are not finished. I was... i'm not finished. I'm not finished. i'm not finished with this. L'm not finished yet. yes, you are. You're not finished? no, i'm finished, carol. i'm finished. Gail, that's very... shut up. i'm not finished. We are not finished here. Hey, we're not finished yet. That's because i'm not finished. I'm not finished here. Hey, you're not finished yet, are you, finchy? You're not finished here? "just a few loose ends to tie up." "and they have not finished. they will get worse. That's quite enough! you know, i'm not finished. I haven't finished. i'm not finished! They're not finished with us yet. I brought you a picture, but it's not finished, so i have to finish it, okay? Don't shut the door on me we've not finished. No, no, no, you know what? you know what? i'm not finished. Wait. i'm not finished yet. I already have. i'm not finished. Right now. email it. it's noti'm not finished with it. it's not done. Senator, would you please yield? i'm not finished yet. Well, it's not finished with you. If we're not finished, they'll just have to prance about outside. Hey, i'm not finished! sit down! I'm not finished with you. yes, you are. I showed the world that raymond van bameveld is still not finished. Well, i'm not finished, but it's ninety grand now. Not finished! Curtis, i'm not finished talking yet. Don't clown 'cause it's not finished yet. Now, i have not finished checking... excuse me. It's actually not finished. Stay down, sister! we're not finished yet. If we hurry i'm not finished. finished not