Not dead

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, you're not dead.", "Finn? finn! rose! you're not dead!", "We're lucky if he's not dead already...", "You're not dead, are you?", "It's a miracle i'm not dead."
Not dead? L ran out of bullets like an asshole, and when l'm changing the clip, the guy who l thought l killed but was not dead, shot me. Every day you're not dead in the ground, when you wake up in the morning, you're gonna have to make some decisions. He's not dead. he's still breathing, idiot. No, he's not dead, but he will be if we don't get him taken care of. You're not dead, jamal. Imagine... if you had suddenly learned that the people and the places... and the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead... but worse, had never been. He's not dead. And you're not dead. He's not dead! No! no! no! no! he's not dead! "they're not dead yet." Iggy pop is not dead. he toured last year. You're not dead. oh! praise jesus. The führer is not dead! But if she's not dead... what are you saying, man? So he's not dead. let that be a lesson to you. Well, at least he's only banished, not dead. She's not dead! Then why am i not dead? You're not dead. Look, we're not dead yet. The führer is not dead. We are not dead. The führer is not dead! stop him! I saw him, i saw him clearly. he's not dead. They're not dead till we find them dead. I hope we're not dead on the side of a road. For christ's sake, she's not dead! You want to tell family you're not dead? He is not dead yet... my lord chamberlain. You better pray he's not dead. Dead, but not dead. What? good, you're not dead. Then he is not dead. double your search. No, he not dead. We're not dead! we're not dead! I'm not dead yet. We're not dead! Well, he's not dead. listen. I am not dead yet. No, not dead yet. Thank god! you're not dead! The twelve man is not dead. Well, at least we're not dead like poor old dave. I'm not dead. He's not dead. he left. She's not dead, is she? I'm not dead, am i? you're not dead. He's not dead. he's gone. The father not dead even. You're not dead. who's that? If i'm not dead, i'm with you. He's not dead. he's just passed out. it's a condition. She's not dead. no. i can feel her heartbeat. What if he's not dead, sergeant? I'm ninety five i'm not dead. Well, whatever... that probe is picking up... it's not dead. "we're not dead. we're not dead." Georgie's not dead. Will be the last time excuse me i appreciate it perhaps you're wondering why you're not dead already because your brother is congressman ludlow and that's it that's all Claire, if you're not dead... he's gonna assume you're with me. I guess i'm not dead, then. How do you know this? l'm retired, not dead. No, no. the past is not dead. Louie zamperini is not missing, and not dead as erroneously announced by your government. He was not dead before. Because you're not dead, and that's that. Not dead. The patient's not dead, but he is dying. The cowboy look, that's not dead. David... david, david... he's not dead. Or send one of those text messages you're always sending out? "hey, it's me, casey, i'm not dead in a ditch." He's not dead, ben. Oh, no, no, she's not dead. we're just divorced. she's history. He's really not dead... as long as we remember him. You okay? i'm not dead. You're lucky you're not dead. We're not dead. I mean, he's not dead. you're not dead. I'm not dead! No, david. harry and i and everyone you murdered are not dead, the undead. They're not dead. they're not dead. It's a miracle i'm not dead. You're not dead, are you? We're lucky if he's not dead already... Finn? finn! rose! you're not dead! Well, you're not dead. dead not