Not convinced

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I'm not convinced you got a big brain inside that tiny head.", "Sorry. i'm not convinced i know... you're sweating, and i can smell you."
But i'm not convinced. I'm not convinced you should be happy. But we're not convinced. we want to hear them again. Absolutely. we are not convinced that it's transmitted by transfusion at all. Despite assurances that spraying poses no significant health risks to the public, the public is not convinced. I'm not convinced anymore. But you're not convinced. I'm not convinced. And as for the collins woman, i'm still not convinced that her boy is among the victims up in wineville. no? If you are not convinced, then how are we to believe it? I am not convinced. So far, i'm not convinced. But i'm not convinced your husband's death was an accident. No. i am not convinced. what... It's a bit odd, isn't it, that a poet, of all people, should be the only one not convinced? Well, what i mean is that i am not convinced that anybody was killed. I'm not convinced by that answer. If you're not convinced, we'll butt out. deal? We've read your son's record, and we're not convinced that our school is the right place for a student with his particular history. I'm still not convinced that this is real. Well, i'm still not convinced the man is all that bad. Well, right now i'm not convinced of a lot of things. To be honest, i'm not convinced this is an act of murder at all. I'm not convinced, either. I'm not convinced you're cured yet. I'm not convinced the answers exist. We were not convinced on what we saw in the cemetery. Yeah, but i'm not convinced that's it. Russell, i'm not convinced that evolver is ready. I'm not convinced it's as immortai a song as aii that. If you're not convinced, then i won't mention it again. Well, i'm not convinced. maybe you'd like to try. But, anita gregory, a parapsychologist and lecturer at the polytechnic of north london, is not convinced. I'm not convinced that adam was the murderer. Let me guess. you're not convinced he's sincere. Look, zoe, i'm still not convinced that this is a good idea. I'm still not convinced that these things didn't escape from the local nuthouse and forget to shave or trim their nails. Would have kept on lying had your lawyer not convinced you that was the only way you were gonna win this trial. Because i'm not convinced that you are an fbi agent in the making. I'm not convinced that he wasn't taking a snooze on top of the steps. Yes? it may be too soon to judge, but i have to say i'm really not convinced. I'm just not convinced this dude would do that. Look, i'm not convinced he's an alien. oh, you're not? You're still not convinced oh, christ! she was raped by her father. she's internalizing her guilt. I'm not convinced. necros can do it. Man, this car's not convinced we're going anywhere. I'm not convinced he's been entirely forthcoming with us. now calm down. Fortyeight hours from now, if they're not convinced, i'm not convinced. They told the police... they were not convinced it was suicide. To be blunt, i'm still not convinced that your final computation class is computable in linear time. I'm not convinced it means what he says it means. Hmm. but you're not convinced. "as such, i'm not convinced that he is fully bipolar. And i am not convinced that you understand... L'm not convinced that having a suicideprevention center... prevents any suicides. We're not convinced the red brigade's behind this. Ah, he's not convinced. You're still not convinced, huh? The fat man is not convinced so easily. I'm not convinced, gandalf. In here, we're safe. we're not safe and that video is proof. it doesn't prove anything. i'm still not convinced it's real. But i'm not convinced that he shot trent. besides calibre twenty two ballistics claims that scope was changed before he dropped it... And he's not convinced that the slaughter of six million jews is enough to satisfy the antisemitic impulses of the majority of the world. Sorry. i'm not convinced i know... you're sweating, and i can smell you. I'm not convinced you got a big brain inside that tiny head. convinced not