No i mean

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No, i mean, i thought they were gonna make you all g. i. jane,"
No, i mean it. find him. get him home. No i mean... pretend that she is real? No. i mean, it's about taking responsibility. No, i mean was it right away or in the night or when was it? You did? yeah, no, i mean i made it more hopeful. No, i mean your name. No. i mean, how long? No, i mean, i wasn't in such a good place myself... and in that way, it's been nice. No, i mean, i'm telling you. No, i mean we can't do that. Ha, ha. no, i mean it. No, i mean it. i really think those braces look good on you. No. no, i mean, bigger than you... No, i mean what do the letters mean? No. i mean i mean, it wasn't planned out. No, i mean, why are you asking me? No, i mean, if it's fine with you, i'll be your date. No, i mean, why would your sister want a fake photo in front of the st. louis airport? No. i mean like in a performance shop. Why? i don't know; my mom is a musician and she's french, so... no, i mean why did you abandon it? Yeah. no, i mean, like, what's a story about you? No, no. i mean, a famous actor. Nick took mescaline? no. i mean, it was the other guy, voss. Friday. no, no, i mean the date. No. i mean, you know, like the truth. No. i mean, i have to make money, you know. No, i mean the afro and everything. No. i mean, you know, not yet. No. i mean, i'm sure it's fine. No, i mean it. you can push guts, bully them, but you can hone nerves. No. i mean. No, i mean you right now, not if you were somebody else. No, no. i mean, they saw us. No, i mean, like, detailed. No, i mean it, that's very hot. Oh, no, i live here. no, i mean mine. No. i mean, maybe in passing, i... No. i mean resist seeing the woman you almost threw everything over for. No, i mean, he swept it, mopped it, it was immaculate. No, no, no, i mean, i was just wondering, you know... No! i mean, honestly. No, i mean where did you grow up? marblehead. No, i mean, in the guest house. No. i mean yes, that's right, i didn't speak. No. i mean, literally. he took all the records. "so far”? no, i mean, Wow. no, i mean, i like to think about the life of wine. No, i mean, he had a heart attack. No, i mean... you know. No, i mean up there at the top. No. i mean, the holy church. No. i mean, are you serious about killing him? Well, no, no, no, i mean, not a good friend. No, i mean, i love what i'm doing. like, say... No. i mean, it was idiotic of me to... approach you that way. No, i mean i literally just stepped off the plane. No, i mean if i got you a hand job. Oh, yeah. no. i mean, uh, yeah. No. i mean, come on. No, i mean we could have studied together. No, i mean what happens to us? No, i mean i know you will. Well, no! i mean, we have plans. Uh, no, i mean the huge piece of information that you're trying to just blow right past. No. i mean... yes, of course they do. No. i mean, i'm not a shop boy. Oh, no. i mean, thank you. but... No. i mean, no, not right now. You can't? no, no, i mean Who wants to sleep on a beautiful day like this? no, i mean we're in trouble. No. i mean, the kind of helicopter that drops supplies. No? what do you mean no? i mean no. No. i mean, i just wish... No, i mean... i've always wanted to have a conversation with... No, i mean, you could tell me if you were taking No. no, i mean do what's necessary. That's natural. no, i mean, i don't believe it. No, i mean i'm back on the bike. No, i mean you're the one who recommended that she see a therapist. No, i mean, considering the alternative, which is, you know, And then you make a show of putting on your jacket, and you say, "no, i mean it this time, stephen. No, i mean like before. No. i mean, you're cool with just hooking up? No, i mean to get home after the walk. No, i mean you can get out of mooby's, too, completely change your situation in life. No, i mean it you know, it was a tough call and you're obviously getting really good at this. Some day. no, i mean soon. very soon. No. i mean, you punch her in her fucking head emotionally. No. i mean, if i saw him on the street i might think so, but after talkin' to him, i'd just say he's kinda unusual. No. i mean, i use it as a practice room. No, i mean after the war. No! i mean... what walter's trying to tell you is that tex richman has a secret plan to tear down the theater and drill for oil. No, i mean i love your house. Oh, no. i mean, i had them on my dresser. No? i mean, seriously. No. i mean, why? No. i mean... No, i mean more like a plan. No, i mean, camera shot. No, i mean, i thought they were gonna make you all g. i. jane, i mean no i