No i

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "No, i haven't seen him.", "No, i do animal control mostly.", "No, i hate cats.", "No, i meant...", "No, i want to.", "No, i think i've had enough."
No, i didn't say anything. No, i haven't found the right ring. No, i had groundhog for lunch. No, i can't. No, i just i just want to handle it by myself from now on. No, i don't. No, i don't know. No, i mean... No, i did not. No, i haven't forgotten. No, i didn't. No, i never talked to him. Oh, no, i didn't mean i can't, like, ever. No, i don't. No. i think the street would kill you. Yeah, but, no, i never took a bullet, but i pulled my gun once, shot it once. No! i won't have him back. No, i liked it. No, i do not. No, i don't think i will kiss you. No, i didn't. No, i know you're for real. No, i don't love you. No, i haven't. No, i don't have a phone, No, i just mean... No, i think some memphis lawyer handled that. No, i don't think i will. No, i think i'd rather just turn them over. No, i don't want the money. No, i i taste every molecule. No, i need you guys... So, no, i really don't... No, i don't want to go to a party in your pants. No, i spilled! No, i will. No, i took him home. No...i haven't earned the right, norma. No i.d., nothing. No, i meant, what was it? No, i don't mind. No, i suppose not. No, no, i just think that maybe i've heard it somewhere before. No, i think she's just dreaming. No, i don't think you do. No, i didn't think so. No, i can do better than that. No, i do not have mixed emotions. No, i don't chill out right now, cause things have gone nuclear. No, i don't think so. To answer your next two questions, no, i am not there, and yes, you are completely predictable. No, i can't be stuck like this. No, i mean why my pad? No, i didn't know that. Well, no, i.... No, i only play piano. No, i don't think i'll try. No, i got it. No, i am going through pain. No, i cannot return that stock. No, i take that back. No, i got you. No, i mean really sure. No, i can't take your money. No, i know. No, i just... No, i came to see father. No, i did. If you vote no, i won't hold it against you. No, i better not. No, i don't... No, i don't think i picked her up. No, i will not. No, i was there. No, i guess not. No, i just wasn't... No, i did go see him. No, i think i've had enough. No, i want to. No, i meant... No, i hate cats. No, i do animal control mostly. No, i haven't seen him. i no