Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Tea, mr. holmes?", "But it's not murder, mr. holmes."
Unfortunately, mr. turner, he's right! Mr letterblair? Mr. lebowski's in seclusion in the west wing. All the other chocolate makers, you see, had grown jealous of mr. wonka. Mr. powers. And i have another one for a mr. james norrington. Tell me, mr. powers... Domo arigato, mr. roboto. Mr. white. No, mr. lebowski, it had not occurred to me. Why am i mr. pink? Mr archer, i think. Mr. wonka? Mr. potter has no choice. With mr. tumnus. Could you believe mr. blonde? Hey, mr. wonka, what's this? So, is there a mr. dr. reddin? Mommy, have you ever noticed anything odd about mr... Do you know which watch you'd like to wear tonight, mr stark? Does the female form make you uncomfortable, mr. lebowski? Thank you, mr. dumbledore. Just one minute, mr. quaid. I'll be mr. purple. Mr. quaid? You're lucky she didn't get chopped, mr. lebowski. Will that be all, mr stark? Mr. jordan. Be thankful you're not mr. yellow. I've been expecting you, mr. powers. No matter what they tell you, mr. bane... Okay, mr. fuckin' detective, you're so fuckin' smart. Mr stark... Old mr sillerton jackson was as great an authority on family as lawrence lefferts was on form. Mr. cohaagen would like to talk to you. It really is quite a thrill to meet you, mr. holmes. Myself and mr. pink? Mr clemens. But mr. wonka was right, of course. Mr. gibbs! Quid pro quo, mr. powers. Congratulations on your apprehension of mr. freeze. Mr aaron. Did mr beaufort really have such a bad time of it when he wanted to remarry? Mr. oh. I think mr. wonka knows what he's talking about. Very interesting story, mr. powers. Mr. orange? Ladies and gentlemen, mr. quincy jones. Yes, mr stark? I'm sorry, mr. pressman... To ensure mr. turner's freedom, then, i'll still want that compass. Mr. pink. Don't tell mr. digman i said that, please. Ladies and gentlemen, mr. burt bacharach. Consider this, mr clemens. You know what you may need, mr. connors? Mr. lebowski. Mr. krum. He is dead, mr. bitkower. It is you that is afraid, mr. bennett. Your revolution is over, mr. lebowski! Mr. treehorn treats objects... You must be mr. weathers. By your leave, mr. turner. However, seeing as mr. potter would have finished first. Did you sleep well, mr. connors? Mr. belfort? Before you got here, mr. orange... Mr aaron will escort you. Mr. swann! Could you slide your shorts down, mr. lebowski, please? Oh, mr archer, good evening. But it's the hand that sets off the ring, isn't it, my dear mr archer? Mr. wonka's being unreasonable. Mr. cohaagen wants to see you right away. Eliminating mr. bucket's job. Mr. christmas. Did you sleep well, mr. Mr. richards. Mr. crouch's son. You're mr. white. I want to see mr. lamanski. For you see, mr. wonka, i, myself, am in the nut business. You know, she was awfully good to annie when mr beaufort sent her over to the sorbonne. Cat named mr. walker. You're saying that mr. blonde... Couple of minutes with mr. rocca. I need to talk to you about mr. hauser. Mr. gibbs. What do you want, mr. quaid? Well, then mr. tumnus it is. We know you don't believe in magic, mr. holmes. But it's not murder, mr. holmes. Tea, mr. holmes?