Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, not a problem. what do you need me to do? mmm,just a few chores.", "Peterson, do you have somethin' that doesn't belong to you? no. do you? mmm. sorry, we don't have it."
Mmm! it's not very creative. Mmm... yeah. Okay, a little to the left... yeah... mmm... no, no. Well... the air is so hot there, you can almost taste it. mmm. Mmm, yeah, sorry, mate. Mmm. you gonna do a little damage control? Mmm. yumbles. Mmm. you look good here, nan. Mmm. she's the star. Mmm Mmm, yeah Mmm, i love sundays. Mmm... california. Mmm. and to think nobody knows that you're really a man. Mmm! so good! Mmm, baby. I couldn't sleep. mmm. You'd like an aspirin? mmm. He goes to mixers at the hillel house. mmm. Mmm. damn, this is good. Mmm. you're really working overtime to sell this one, aren't you, talos? Mmm. Mmm! you eat the pie first. Mmm! still warm. Mmm... perfect. Mmm. that's a great question. Mmm. it's pure silk. Mmm. i know exactly what you mean. Mmm! this borscht is delicious, olga. Mmm, delicious. Mmm. everyone will be late for school. Mmm, delphiniums. her favorite. Mmm, yeah. Mmm... oh, i love ginger. Mmm. right sweet, yeah. Mmm... "did i deserve no more than a fool's head? Mmm. you did it right. Mmm! good. good. Mmm. these are delicious. Mmm. she's hooking up with a masseuse. Mmm. what's up? Mmm. shelly, your breasts are delicious. Mmm. you were amazing. Mmm. i wanna go in the water. okay. Mmm, macaroni and dirt, my favorite. Mmm! it's incredible. Mmm. but i couldn't have done it without you. Mmm! yeah, like pussies, huh? Mmm. rolls are terrific, honey. Mmm. shredding fresh powder, brah. Mmm? i thought i could keep you out of it. Mmm, yummy cake. Mmm. did you have any fun? Drinkin' alone in here in the dark... like you got psychotic problems or somethin'. mmm. Mmm! whoa. Mmm... no, i don't think so. Mmm, everything, like what? Mmm, that's alvin. Mmm, i know you would. Mmm. isn't it obvious? Mmm, smells so good. Mmm. yes, miles. Mmm, yes. Mmm! it's like money. Thank you. mmm. Mmm. smells like shit. Mmm? i made this for you. Like what? mmm. Mmm. if she was real. Mmm, nuggets. Mmm... seven sisters. Mmm! now just keep your eyes closed. Mmm. we're almost out of wood. Mmm. you taste like grape soda. Mmm. thank you so much. Mmm. sounds delicious. Mmm. i knew there was a reason i liked you. Mmm... okay i call bullshit on that. Mmm... no, jason, his last race was yesterday. Mmm. not bad for a woman. Mmm, well, uh, does your wife know you're calling me? You'll see. mmm, come on. tell me. Hey, baby. mmm. Mmm. artists are hustlers. Mmm. my dogs! Mmm. it would be pointless. Mmm. nice pants. Your mom and dad, they home with you right now? mmm, no. my mom's at work, and my dad went out to go watch some game or something, i don't know. I know a father's not supposed to have favorites... but when it's kay... mmm, you smell good. you like it? I make this out to be about, mmm... well, it's hard to count all this money, but it's four hundred and sixty seven dollars Well, maybe when i explain how important the tree is, the holiday spirit... mmm... sam isn't exactly the holiday spirit type. However, the piano and the standup portion of your show... mmm, not so much. a little more on the lower end. It's so... it's really bright, is what it... mmm! oh, goodness. oh, i have it all over me. It all started about, mmm, twenty years ago, when thieves kept stealing junk from mertle's acres junkyard. What we'd like you to do is look at the camera and say, "mmm, tastes like real cheddar cheese." Peterson, do you have somethin' that doesn't belong to you? no. do you? mmm. sorry, we don't have it. Oh, not a problem. what do you need me to do? mmm,just a few chores.