Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You think men would find that attractive?", "Men of the south are welcome here."
These men need a proper teacher. The men you put away? Six men. more on the way. ... . and direct men... . Most of the men don't. Men don't have to be attractive. I've seen the men drinking. These men work in twelve shifts. You are ready to lead these men. Last week in berlin he assassinated two men ? Old men covered in blood. My men are exceptionally trained. The men hate a stool pigeon. And an elf and two men. The three men are brothers, sir. The doom of men... How old are the men? Assemble the men. Great kings of men. Do they make it for men? What about the men they arrested? How long have the men been in ostia? Do you know how many men i've lost under my command? They were once men. Come on, move it, men! Men are not as weak as he supposed. Maybe i just meet french men... The crazy men are on their way there now. Men? We need these men wellrested to bring in this well. These men are dangerous, professional criminals. There the men are as mad as he. I don't have any fresh men, okay? My men and i apologize for disturbing you. How many men? Turing's one of the men that paid. Uncompromising men are easier to admire. There are no men like me. From here, bane's men patrol the tunnels. Get some men in there. I need ten minutes with the scene before your men contaminate it. Those men had their chance. Fate pushed through the bowels of men. How many men for custer? Uh, yes, l do. they're both latin american men. Hangs around that pub, men pay him for a go. When the rest of the men are ready you send them to me. Or men of low character. Garbage men don't come at night. All the men are stuck here. ... he assassinated two men ? By nightfall of the second day, i shall return at the head of five men. You saw two men? It's your men out there! You told me you didn't see the men. I have seen edison's men. where? Appears three men held up a coffee shop. The men. A duty few men are fit for... . I need three men! And where would i be leading these men? Eleven of my men. gone. Almost as much pressure on men as there is on women these days. Men with families. You'll get new men any day. They're good men. And of men like me. Free my men. This is something l tell my men over and over and over. I'm prepared to give my life for my men. We were young men together. The most he can spare for the hotel are four men. You men in the water, float here, save your strength. Men who haven't seen daylight in months? He saved over one men. You're men. Do you have a description of the men? Good men. You men go on back to business. The men need shoes, colonel. My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. All of the men, like this? Where are your men? I've known a lot of men... Nero, order your men to disable the drill or i will... There were three men. Those men will be found, arrested... It must've been maroni's men. shut up! That what you said men say. You men, leave off. you'll capsize the boat. You know how i said i shot five men? How many men are out there? Most of these men don't believe the same way you do. Old men always do. Careful, men. There are always men like you. Shift the guilt to men with secure pensions. Men of the south are welcome here. You think men would find that attractive?