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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Do you think this makes us like john mcclane in the "die hard" films?", "Yeah, this is lieutenant mcclane.", "Mcclane out."
Hello, lucy mcclane. this is your mother speaking. Mcclane residence. lucy mcclane speaking. Mrs. mcclane. Holly mcclane. hello, holly. I am an exceptional thief, mrs. mcclane. Mcclane, i wanna debrief. Mr. officer john mcclane... of the new york police department. Good evening. i'm here to see holly mcclane. I'm john mcclane. Mcclane? yeah, it's okay. let him through. Mcclane, l have some news for you. Still the cowboy, mr. mcclane. Hey, i'm john mcclane. Um, did mr. mcclane call? Mr. mcclane. mr. mcclane, now that it's all over... Then you must be john mcclane. joe takagi. hi. What about john mcclane? Sister theresa called me mr. mcclane in third grade. Mcclane. I want you to meet john mcclane, holly's husband. Or should i call you mr. mcclane? Hey, john? john mcclane, you still with us? His name is john mcclane. Mcclane! I honestly don't think i can handle any more people trying to kill me. mcclane. I'm john mcclane I got a fuckin' reindeer flying in here from the fuckin' petting zoo! butjohn mcclane, he's got a little problem. So what's your problem, lieutenant mcclane? Mcclane, this what you expected? John mcclane. It's mcclane again. Go for mcclane. what are you doing at rutgers? Mcclane, i know how you must feel. Mcclane? Connection? come on, mcclane. It's mcclane. he's on the third floor. You get used to it. mcclane. shit. Mcclane. hold on. where you goin' what are you gonna do? Good luck, mcclane! It's mcclane. Lorenzo! mcclane, are you out of your fucking mind? Sir, john mcclane is on the line. Mcclane, get out of there. Doug! bob mcclane. good to see you. nice to meet you. Nakatomi? l. a.? you're john mcclane, right? Hey, where the fuck is mcclane? Yeah. this is john mcclane for agent bowman. It's john mcclane. Too bad, mcclane. i kind of liked you! This car, mcclane! get in! Jeez, mcclane, you all right? you want a medic? Mcclane, you keep out of this. Mcclane? mcclane? Bowman, it's mcclane. mcclane. Get us a location on the vehicles and pull me up a file on this john mcclane. Barnes, where the hell did you go? where's mcclane? Lucy mcclane. Mr mcclane? bob! what's wrong? Hey, mcclane! Got it. mcclane, where is farrell? Oh, mcclane. john mcclane. Mcclane? bowman. Mcclane! mcclane! Hey, mcclane, don't start believing your own press, huh? Mcclane, you are completely around the fucking bend. Just in the nick of time, huh? hey, mcclane, i got a firstclass unit here, s. w. a. t. team and all. I assume it's you, mcclane. Mcclane, do we have anything resembling a plan? Sorry, officer mcclane. i had to check. He's going to hell! mcclane! Uhuh, mcclane. O. k., mcclane... time for the main event! Now, we appreciate your effort, mcclane, but we don't need a loose cannon on this deck! This is detective john mcclane, nypd. I mean, i know we're dummies up here, mcclane, so give us a taste of your genius. Lucy mcclane. it's not mcclane. it's gennero. Mcclane, go. we never made it to dhs. Mcclane, you showed some balls out there, man. What about farrell and mcclane? You'd better see mr. mcclane out. That's my gift, mrs. mcclane. Mcclane, say hi to my brother vito. I swear to god, mcclane, i swear to you i had no idea i was gonna be... an accessory to armageddon. Officer mcclane. it's detective mcclane, asshole. I'll be right back. uh... mr mcclane? Mcclane out. Yeah, this is lieutenant mcclane. Do you think this makes us like john mcclane in the "die hard" films?