Maybe he's not

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "He's not crazy! no, maybe he's not.", "He's a grouch. well, maybe he's not as hopeless as you say he is.", "Oh, i'm sorry, maybe he's not up to your standards. he's no seal."
Maybe he's not who you thought. Maybe he's not in line with the rest of 'em. Maybe he's not the same guy he was when he went away, but i can't give up on him that easy. Well, maybe he's not so blind. Maybe he's not who i thought he was. The fact is, maybe he's not some sort of devil or jesus character. Well, maybe he's not. Maybe he's not supposed to be like you, data. Maybe he's not ready to give up. Maybe he's not mine. Well, maybe he's not a saint, but he's never done anything even close to that before. Maybe... maybe he's not the guy. Maybe he's not into the stuff all that much. Maybe he's not strong enough yet. Maybe he's not a man. Maybe he's not who he thinks he is. i don't know. Maybe he's not who you think he is. He was here. maybe he's not far off. Maybe he's not a tagger, maybe this guy's a trained artist. Maybe he's not as strong as us. Maybe he's not the threat officer frank is worried about. You're lying. maybe he's not... i know him! look at his face, he's lying! Maybe he's not totally insane, maybe he really thinks he's doing something and... Too bad he's a jerk. well, maybe he's not a jerk. he's so cute no, he is a jerk. he has a fivedate rule. First you tell me your cousin's nobility then you get mad at me when i suggest... that just maybe, he's not. So maybe he's not waving the flag of freedom and democracy as enthusiastically as you'd like. okay. Maybe he's not such a douche bag after all, huh? I mean, uh, just like some great scientist who well, maybe he's not so great but he discovers a lab assistant who's doing all the work. Maybe he's not lost, just alone. And also, maybe he's not so great. Huh. maybe he's not the shark, julian. Maybe he's not a ghost. Maybe he's not so crazy. But maybe he's not cut out for this. But maybe he's not. Maybe he's not so great. maybe he sucks! Maybe he's not that smart. Maybe he's not comin'. shit. Maybe he's not creating them, maybe he's just noticing them. Thing is... if you wanna get to the title... maybe he's not the one to take you there. Ok, so maybe he's not a real demolitions man... but at least he doesn't owe allegiance to mr gregory... like every other real bomb guy on this coast. Maybe he's not out there, bones. Don't know. maybe he's not the marrying kind. Maybe he's not into you. You know, maybe he's... maybe he's not alone. maybe there are others. Maybe?! he's not down there. Oh, i'm sorry, maybe he's not up to your standards. he's no seal. He's a grouch. well, maybe he's not as hopeless as you say he is. He's not crazy! no, maybe he's not. he's not maybe he's