Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "L'm done."
I mean l'm her father. L'm not sure. No, l'm not afraid. L'm not afraid of anybody! L'm sorry they took all your money. L'm gonna die. L'm gotham's reckoning. L'm twenty years old now. Maybe it's not you l'm running from. L'm trusting you. Okay, l'm back. L'm just gonna be in that room. L'm afraid l can't let you take those. L'm sorry. you're sorry? L'm right here looking at you, oκ? L'm adaptable. L'm sorry. L'm not sure l hear a question in here. L'm sure she remembers me, ha, ha. she does. L'm acting like a professional. I've known you a long time. l'm not worried. L'm choosing to trust you. L'm sorry, mr. wayne doesn't take unscheduled calls. L'll open that tunnel, then l'm gone. No, i didn't. l'm fine. stand up. L'm in charge. ... but now l know l'm in that will. we were all there. Ηow about if l'm mr purple? L'm sure he's with us in spirit. L'm angry. But you see what l'm getting at. Yeah, l think l'm going to stay on, stick it out. No, l'm sorry. You won't know l'm there. L'm making this bitch rich." Get a girlfriend. l'm trying. Oh, yeah, you see what l'm getting at. One five l'm gonna need backup. L'm trying to put this as delicately as l can. I don't know what l'm doing. See, l'm a father myself. L'm algren. All right, l'm cool. L'm afraid he has a point, mr. wayne. What, do you think l'm blind? l see. come on. That's the problem. he still treats me like l'm a baby. L'm not hearing a question, son. L'm going to clear the courtroom. L'm sorry, your name is not on the list. L'm very in tune, even psychic. L'm leaving you. L'm sick of fuckin' hearin' it, joe. Sorry l'm late. L'm a witness to you threatening her. L seen too many of those. l'm sorry. L'm trying to be helpful. L'm fuckin' blind. you're not. L'm sure it's nothing. he seems sweet. L'm not anybody's baby. oh, you're so grown up. That l'm gay? L'm so sorry. L told you, l'm not staffed for this. L'm no fuckin' criminal, man. L'm an expert at raisin' that doubt. L'm not saying they weren't there. But now l'm just stupid. L'm not sure we'd be able to. L'm afraid l don't know. L'm here to help you. okay. The last girl, l'm her father. I'm not a doll. l'm not silly and cute. L'm gonna plead the fifth on that one. L'm no puta or thief. A little bit of hope, l'm sure, yes. L'm here to negotiate the rates. L'm insane. Frank, l'm really not trying to attack you here. L'm just going to say it. L'm talkin' days. And l'm trying to... L'm talking to a friend. Yes, l'm sure. L'm sure he hates it. L'm a cop. I'm asking l'm asking you that. L'm sorry, miss tate. l tried, but he won't see you. Ln fact, l'm counting to one zero right now. Oh. l'm fucked. L'm out of here, man. L'm on it. L'm not asking you to kill anybody. L'm your boy. L'm sorry, l didn't catch it. L said l'm sorry, linda. L'm all ears. L'm sorry l didn't take you seriously. L'm done.