Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, my god. karen.", "Did karen walker try to kill you?"
Karen came to the house. How does it feel, karen? You're all i want, karen. Don't lie to me karen! My mom, karen, had a smile that could cure anything. Hello, karen. hello yourself. Sure. good to see you, karen. Karen, can you give us a minute? Well, thank you, karen. Thomas, you need to say hello to karen holloway. Hello. is karen there? Do you want to know why? do you want to know why, karen? Hi. i'm karen eiffel. I need to speak to karen eiffel. Search "karen underwood morrow." No, karen, stop it with the instant kill already. Thanks, karen. Hey, karen, what else can this suit do? You can call me karen if you would like. What about karen? L'm karen. hi. toby. And karen knows about the future planning committee. Ah, karen. You must be psyched that karen brought it up. Karen clark? Karen says she'll give you a lift if you want to go anywhere and i've left her number over on the fridge. My name is karen warren. Karen, hold on. Hey, karen. Karen, ohio. Don't do this to me, karen. of course, i remember. Karen, right now' understand i don't know who to trust. I wanna know what's going on, karen. Karen, we've had plenty of fathers who have stepped up, but in this case, no id's on any birth fathers. Just to clarify, karen is not advocating vandalism in the workplace. Um, karen gave me a list of words to avoid so we don't leave the door open for the girls. Karen really loved it. Well, maybe once karen starts feeling better. Karen. joe. What do you need, karen? lay it on me. Karen? hi, i'm michael clayton. Karen had her baby earlier today. And give karen my best. I was expecting karen. Karen and i will respect your wishes. No, not now. karen, put it away. Karen johnson is back. I'm karen. Karen, not right now. Karen, they know everything about us. I don't know. think about it, karen. I can't, karen. Hi, this is karen. You can keep them, karen. Karen, let me give you a hint. I love you, karen. Karen, could you explain... the procedures in this glove box? Name? karen silkwood. Karen, get me a scalpel. Do you remember your aunt karen? kind of... I called karen. Here's karen at the health desk. Karen joan nash. Oh, uh, hi, karen. Sonya, ring karen at darwin hospital. Don't harass karen or anyone else on the staff as you leave. Did you send karen flowers to her home? yeah. Frank, what is your relationship to karen in reception? What is your relationship to karen in reception? Don't think about that, karen. And karen, l'm afraid it was a while ago. Karen... thank you so much for coming in. Karen, you're a good woman. Karen, you want white or dark? I think she was scared of you, karen. Why is this upsetting you, karen? Karen. well it's nice to meet you, karen. Your mother was a good woman, karen. Watch yourself, karen. Tell me, karen, do you ever have second thoughts about us? Dr karen jenson, listen close. Karen detmer. just one moment. Just leave your number with karen, okay, up front. This whole misunderstanding stems from the karen connor incident. Karen, i'm coming in, honey. Lived in san marino with his wife... uh, karen or sharon. Hello, best western. karen sisco, please. Karen, they're not up here. keep your eyes open. karen? karen, are you there? Karen? where are you? i've been trying to reach you. Karen. are you comin' out? So, karen. Hello, karen, customer service. Dear karen. fuck phil. No more games, karen. i'll see you soon. Dear karen, is it okay that i address you directly now that we've almost met? Hi, karen. Wait, wait. karen moreno, that's your name? This is karen moreno from champion vending company. Did karen walker try to kill you? Oh, my god. karen.