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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Jason kancam. got busted a few years ago for shoplifting.", "Jason lyle, but l ain't no sir.", "I did. i swear. jason, i told them that i believed you."
Not such a great idea, things as they stand, jason. You know why we're treating you like this? hello, jason. That's jason bourne. Meanwhile, mystery surrounds the fate of david webb, also known as jason bourne, the source behind the exposure of the blackbriar program. This is jason bourne. We have reason to believe there's a connection between neal daniels and jason bourne. It's what you are, jason, a killer. I think you've got the makings of being a really good cop, jason. Good luck to you, jason, you're a decent man. You did good, jason. Eventually you're gonna have to face the fact you chose right here to become jason bourne. It's an early treadstone identity registered to jason bourne, but he never used it, and it never went to the grid. I think i'll be able to take care of mrs. hayes on my own from here on, jason. Open up! jason! Issue a standing kill order on jason bourne, effective immediately. Hey, jason. You didn't even blink, jason. Jason! Jason. don't look at me. Jason bourne is alive and is at large in new york city, and, we believe, within one yards of this building. And you need thought to detect stuff sometimes, jason. Have you read jason berry's book? Jason, willoughby here. Oh, jason thought it would be a good idea for me to go to see the cowboy. Get jason over here. You want jason bourne, level with me. Jason said he thought it would be a good idea. You can't outrun what you did, jason. Cindy... adam wants to see jason. Who is this? this is jason bourne. I'm no longer jason bourne. Jason? he's coming up on ten now, if you can believe it. She's in league with jason bourne, for christ's sakes! Peter jason quill, from terra. Jason, please. Please, jason. From now on, you'll be known as jason bourne. I'm unarmed, jason. Jason. Jason. he's going to be so angry at me. Anderson, jason! Look, jason, i need some fast answers from you... if i'm ever gonna fix what i've done. No, jason. that's a wrap. Jason, what do i do? We're getting hammered, jason! return fire? Jason, who's out there? who is it? Go ahead, jason. copy that. Well, how does it feel, jason? was it worth it? you've murdered us all! My god! jason! jason! lily, l'm so, so sorry. Jason, why are you such a skeez? Jason, i don't think the pig lizard was gorignak. Get jason ? And jason stevens puts it up for two. Once again, commander peter quincy taggart, mr. jason nesmith! Jason, l have been planning this for two weeks! Hi, this is my friend, jason. You were in, jason. you were in! Jason? Jason bourne? no. jack bauer. Look, jason, let's stay calm. it could be anybody. this is real. All right, time's up. go down for him, jason. Jason! no, jason! no! Jason! no! His son, jason, was once a student of yours, wasn't he? I 'm not having jason bourne destroy any more of this agency. L'll redial this number. jason, wait! You'll find new guys. you found jason, you found damon. His name is jason. have you been thinking about this? Hey, did... did dad... did jason get good grades? Have you seen jason? Got him. listen to me. this is jason nesmith. His name's jason. Jason! jason. Jason, don haskins, texas western. western union? You know, just one year after jason returned from your school... my wife� you see he resented us. See, that's your problem, jason. Okay. wait, jason. what about me? I thought jason told you. Jason bourne happened. you got the files. Jason, don't do it. look, marie, i warned 'em. Ask jason about this. Did jason come through here? yeah, he's in there. hey, guys. Run, jason! run! they're coming! they're everywhere! Jason knew you loved him. Two jason cole. Jason! beating a dead horse there, don. Stort. jason freel needed stort in a bad way. Thanks, jason, but i already have a date. Jason! they're coming! there's thousands of them, jason! It seems weird that somebody like jason freel could get mr. simon to quit. That's right. well, i hate to break it to you, jason, Jason bourne's passport just popped up on the grid in naples. I did. i swear. jason, i told them that i believed you. Jason lyle, but l ain't no sir. Jason kancam. got busted a few years ago for shoplifting.