It's on the

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I should have a clean shirt for you at the office. it's on the way."
It's on the... It's on the other end of town. Let me know when it's on the spit. Where's the bit? it's on the deck. The address is right here… it's on the poster. Interior design? it's on the back wall. It's on the sealink. It's on the wall by the two african fellows. It's on the one hundred and five eastbound approaching the one hundred and ten interchange. Stop at my place for a drink. it's on the way. It's on the floor. Into the pentagon. it's on the news. It's on the house. It's on the beach? yes. It's on the front page of every major paper. It's on the other side of the known universe. It's on the dresser. It's on the fucking radio. Girls are tough. it's on the money. check it. come on. here we go, ladies. But it's on the map. It's nowhere special, but it's on the way to everywhere special. It's on the card i gave you when we first met. Becca, it's in my phone. it's on the mantle. 'cause it's on the television show! well, forget it! It's on the floor, to my periph i don't wanna see it. Okay, you guys, that's enough. it's on the house. It's on the left at one �1,150,000. It's on the other side of that derrick. What can i say? you can say, "it's on the house." It's on the record. You're not that rich. it's on the table. Yup, it's on the left side. "adapt and achieve?" it's on the brochure here. It's on the firm it's a hire car, baby It's on the news, that means it's real. i know. Yeah, it's on the news downstairs. I'm gonna pour till it's on the tray. here it is. Ma, it's on the... It's on the house... if you remember his face. Rumors? it's on the internet. Maybe it's on the briefcase. It's on the house, kiddo, you know that. Something like that. it's on the box. If your line's floating, it's on the bottom! It's on the way to milwaukee. Piano's out of the van, it's on the street, everything's fine. So it's on the street? right. It's on the house. thank you, henry. I think it's on the third floor, isn't it? It's on the floor. the floor. It's on the way to where i'm taking you. The zodiac symbol on film. it's on the countdown. No. it's on the news. It's on the nightly news. It's on the news. yeah, it's on the news, yeah. It's on the boot! they've got him! It's on the stepladder. It's on the rescue net. It's on the dead man. It's on the radio. you know the guy. Have another drink, jack. it's on the house, like everything else. It's on the inner surface of the upper thigh. It's on the floor right over there. find the lighter. It's on the way from my house. seriously? It's on the roof, sir. It's on the news, yeah. there was an... While i have breath in my body, i shall fight terrorism... liar!... whether it's on the battlefield or, if necessary, in the courts. What's my thanks? it's on the hallway carpet. If it's on the other, it's goldstone. If it's on the menu. It's on the news. No. no, no, no, it's on the picture right there. Is this food free? eat up. it's on the county. I guess, technically, if it's on the voice mail, it's not in person, but i digress. Where is... ? where's the wiper switch? it's on the left! Come on, work with me here. it's on the board. Nothing, baby. it's on the state. Sector seven la estrella. it's on the other side of town. If you're worried about paying, it's on the house. If it's on the real, i'll whip on this punk's ass... and be out of here. It's on the damn internet. what? Why argue? it's on the house. Okay. it's on the desktop under "tess and george." okay. It's on the water, sir, waiting. time to leave. Where's your phone? it's on the lefthand side. Yes, but i told you, it's on the other side of the planet. Yeah, it's on the list, sweetie. It's on the tip of my fucking tongue! It's on the web. Wait, wait, it's on the tip of my tongue. It's on the zorgon ship. It's on the video line. It's on the internet, sir. Beverly made some bars, and some coffee. it's on the table. help yourself, folks. Get her computer. it's on the desktop. It's on the house, bro. I should have a clean shirt for you at the office. it's on the way. on the it's on