It's dead

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It's dead. you were gonna replace the battery.", "It's all right. it's dead now. go ahead.", "Don't think flemming knows it's dead."
It's dead. Yes. it's dead in me. It's a dead cat, and i'm pulling it. yes, it's dead. We all right? dunnigan: it's dead. It's okay, it's dead. We were walking around town. it's dead, isn't it? It's dead. but why? Yes! it's dead even! Hey. it's dead. It's dead easy, susan you stop going to that university and you stop taking the pill or you're out. Does it smell like that 'cause it's dead? It's coming back. no, it's not. it's dead. I'll tell you what, i'll get off because it's dead late and everything. You got a flashlight? yeah, yeah, it's dead. goddamn it. Now the monitor is broken. it's dead. Let me refresh your memory: "it's dead easy, you just... " It's dead people laughing. did you know that? those people are dead! Crying, "another one came out. it's dead." It's dead, right? now, is she alive or is she dead? It's dead, watkins! it's dead! Mcenroe again says no! it's dead even! It's dead. what did he say? What do you mean, it's dead? This time i think it's dead. What is it? it's dead people screaming. Are you sure it's dead? It's dead! Babaco is a cow. it's dead in the water. See if it's dead. good. This whole system is broken. it's dead. Isaac... the radio you risked your life for, it's dead. You wouldn't be able to drive it because it's dead. Carol, stop it! it's dead! it's dead. Every night, she makes it look like it's dead ah, shoowop, shoowop but her body makes it up for it all ah, shoowop, shoowop It's dead. what? It's dead quiet in the room, uncomfortable quiet. It's dead. shit! what could have killed it? Nearly ripped me throat off. it's dead, right? Joel. joel, no. no, joel, you don't know if it's dead! Oh, it's dead. sonia didn't pay the biil. It's dead now. I think it's dead. Hello? it's dead out here and i'm hating you about now. And now it's dead. what if it had young iiving somewhere? I think it's dead. which one? It's dead, fitch. let them out. It's just... freddy, it's dead! just try it! It can't be alive if it's dead. It's not getting aboard the plane unless it's dead. It's dead and irrelevant. It's dead! open the door! So take the van. it's dead. It's dead. it's dead. Whatever's out there, one shot with this, it's dead. It's dead quiet out here. If it's dead bodies we're talking about, i think i might just have the advantage here. It's dead tonight. Your cheese in america is pasteurized. it's dead. Don't think flemming knows it's dead. It's all right. it's dead now. go ahead. It's dead. you were gonna replace the battery. dead it's