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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Isobel, are you ok? it's not that kind of bucket list."
I'm a doctor, isobel, i know what they're like. Granny's here, and isobel, and we're paying a call this afternoon on princess mary. On the other hand, isobel is someone that you can count on. That's right. and isobel. be honest. you prefer isobel? Isobel, i want you to come and live with me. Isobel. my god, what are you doing here? Isobel, i'm up here. jeez, i'm going crazy. I would think miss isobel might stay in bed tomorrow. I mean, isobel only asked him because a gun dropped out. I don't want to hurt him, isobel. Why don't i go over to salzburg and have a little talk with isobel? I am so glad you could join us for dinner tonight, isobel. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say this cookie woman's name was isobel. Kyle, remember isobel? I'm sorry, you are... ? oh, isobel. To isobel. Let's hear it for isobel grey, everyone. Do you think isobel was lying? Isobel says she rang you on the night mark died. Isobel, i've got to talk to you. Isobel? yeah? And she's got to get miss isobel to the dining room and see if she can find anything in black. Now, listen, isobel. we're both fond of this character. He's um... he's a good man, isobel. Isobel, did you know that william and i... are going into business together in the sudan? Have you got something going on with isobel too? Isobel. did she change the clothes? What isobel? nothing. Sorry, miss isobel. Oh, isobel. hi. Isobel. excuse me. Wants miss isobel to put in a word with sir william. Perfect as ever, isobel. This is isobel. and this is daisy and jack. Well, how lucky for isobel. Hi isobel grey, jamie haughton. It's not funny, isobel. ah. Isobel, they raped her over and over again. Isobel, i'm just gonna throw this out there, ok? I can't help my sister, and i don't wanna get married, isobel. So gingerbread isobel... yeah. Isobel, will you stop that for a minute? Mom, i got four more of these... oh, honey, i'll put those away so you two can talk before isobel flies off to california. Isobel. isobel, i'm serious. i want you to move in with me. Tell him to come up. now, where was i? isobel mccordle, my daughter. charlie chan is in london. Isobel. gee, i feel like such a fool. No, no, no, no. isobel. Isobel, are you ok? it's not that kind of bucket list.