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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Not so funny now, is it, funnyman?"
So is it your wife? Is it a problem? no, i'm done here. You look nervous. is it the scars? Word 'round the campfire is it was on account of marsellus wallace's wife. What is it? what is it? Is it enough to commit suicide? Is it the same... now, as then... Which sammy is it? What kind is it this time? What is it, einie? So it's a "she", is it? What is it, ralph? what happened? Is it weird that i wanna do it even more now? What is it? Your aptitude tests are off the charts. so what is it? Is it really tight? no, no. it's beautiful. Then what is it? yoga? Is it also true that you fingerprinted your daughter when she went to college? What is it? what do you see? warg! we're under attack! Who is it that i aspire to be? Well, this is it, man. Is it true you were a teacher back home? Who is it? It's not the machinery, is it? What is it? what... why did you leave me? It's just... stupid. is it about me? Fine. how is it at the back? Lord vader. yes, admiral. what is it? Where is it? It isn't any of your business, is it, now? This is it. Or is it the beginning? What is it? nothing. What is it? what happened? get franklin. Is it all you do, just talk? Who is it? grab him. it's conlon. Is it dry now? Is there not one in your size, or is it the color that is the issue? Is it bad for you that i'm here? Why? is it snowing? do you have a black suit? Exactly where is it i'll be leading them to, ma'am? What? what is it? Is it possible, inspector... that the real killer, the third person, who maybe was smart enough not to tramp a whole freeway of blood Is it for his glory, or for yours? This is it. this is the end. Is it more of this this acting business? What is it, freddie? What time is it? quarter to00. What is it like not to feel anger? or heartbreak? What time is it? Is it... my god. Why, is it a crime to shop there? Is it in here, harry? Is it snowing in space? Cordell. how is it, shona? long time, pal. Hey, mac, what is it? I don't know which one is it. What is it? i am groot. Is it him? i will speak for captain nero. In sentencing you to six months imprisonment, my only worry is it will not be long before we meet again. What is it? i don't know. Is this it? yeah this is it. Is it back to university for us, i suppose? Right. what is it? Not a good time to launch, is it? What is it, mr. fischer? think! What time is it? what time is it? Is it true you killed an officer? Do you see what i'm saying? mrs. peirce is it? Is it? Is that when you captured the lab and found what is it? Is it loaded? wouldn't do any good if it wasn't. Hello. who is it? Is it beer? ya, with no alchohol. Which one is it? Stay tight and low. this is it! Is it okay if i write you a check? And suddenly... slow down, what is it? Is it finished yet? Is it guiseppe conlon or gerard conlon? What is it? it's for you. Caparzo, is it? hey, drop dead, corporal. This is it, isn't it? Is it true that you have specific guidance not to use the word "genocide" in isolation, but always to preface it with this word "acts of"? What business is it of yours what i do with my own things? Is it bad tonight? Is it loaded? hello, no. I'd like to speak to you, bob. yeah, what is it? Not so funny now, is it, funnyman? it is