In trouble

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You get in trouble, just say the word, "happiness"."
What am i, in trouble? We're in trouble. I'm in trouble! I brought my work home, so i have to... i'll get in trouble. You're in trouble now. Getting everybody in trouble. Because if you don't, your family's bang in trouble. Manny... jesus christ. i'm in trouble. Whenever i dance for you, i get in trouble. Look, your father was in trouble. I'm in trouble here. Someone is in trouble. something bad is happening! Someone is in trouble. A country that's great enough to help a man financially... when he's in trouble. You're in trouble, mate. She gonna get in trouble if she doesn't watch out. This counsellor lady made me do them when i got in trouble. How long has your father been in trouble? It's about patricia. she's in trouble. You are in trouble. I have to account for every single bean. otherwise, i'm in trouble. I think a woman named dorothy vallens is in trouble with these people. We're in trouble on this one. They're in trouble! Looks like you got yourself in trouble. I'll get in trouble for this, you know. never. I know, elsie, but homer's in trouble. You did. but i thought it was boring, and you were in trouble. Are you in trouble? no. i'm captain. come on. Unfortunately, it is... dear sam, i am in trouble again because i threw a rock through the window. You in trouble, aren't you, son? And so, i did whatever i did when i knew i was in trouble. i lie. You help women who are in trouble? She's going to get herself in trouble one of these days. Not while you're in trouble in connecticut. Am i in trouble? i don't know. How can i get in trouble for patting down an old lady? it's standard procedure. "on wednesday, i got in trouble for a drawing i didn't do. Charlie, i'm in trouble. you gotta help me. I don't want to get you guys in trouble or nothing. I got in trouble a couple of times with the cops before i enlisted. About time. boy, are you in trouble. You in trouble now. When's the last time some mafia guy got in trouble and blew his brains out? He's in trouble. He's in trouble. stay with him. Dependable stuff that's not gonna get anybody in trouble. We might get in trouble." In trouble again! I'm in trouble now. Okay. so you ain't get in trouble. what's going on? Is the new prime minister in trouble already? Done deal. we're in trouble. Am i in trouble? You'll be in trouble if you don't go. She's in trouble? Yeah, i'm in trouble, too. Are you in trouble, too? Trouble. oh, boy, i'm really in trouble. We see someone in trouble and we wish we could help, but we don't. You didn't get in trouble for answering questions. I don't know how many of us are willing to admit just how deep in trouble some of the kids in this city are. You get in trouble? Shoot, i've been in trouble with the law myself. A year later, i'm back in trouble. kill somebody else? I'm in trouble harold. and it's my own damn fault. No offense but people who needs passports in a hurry are generally in trouble. You guys are in trouble? I think i might be in trouble. okay. He's in trouble? Eddie's got himself in trouble again. I would hate for her to get in trouble. I hear your new script's in trouble. He's in trouble too. Are you in trouble for all this? He was in trouble, you see. Anything and unless you're sick, or in trouble, you don't even know i'm alive. No, you'll be my friend when you're not in trouble. I'm in trouble. Well, these days, you can get in trouble being friends. I think dad might be in trouble. Nicky's in trouble. You're gonna get yourself in trouble. We're in trouble, right? I know when people are in trouble. And already because of you, i'm in trouble. I went in the ladies' room, i almost pissed in the sink. i'm in trouble, man! Kid's in trouble or hurt, or something. But you'll get in trouble. just do it. And then i started thinking, like, "why don't they market it to people like me? "i mean, i'm in trouble. I'm in trouble." We're in trouble!" An honest man is always in trouble, simon. Why are you in trouble? That's why i'm in trouble. Because to be quite honest, i'm in trouble here. You get in trouble, just say the word, "happiness". trouble in