I will not

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I will not indulge your childish whims.", "I'm sorry. i will not give a student a grade he or she doesn't deserve.", "I am the censor, and i will not allow this costume on the air."
And i will not let you get him hurt again like that... Do you hear me? i will not let you! I will not be drawn into another financial debate with you. And i tell you now, i will not bow to this ranger from the north... last of a ragged house long bereft of lordship. I know what it is you want of me... but i will not bring further death to my people. On the top level, we open up his relationship with his father... and say, "i will not follow in my father's footsteps." I will not be held prisoner here. Doubt will plunge this country back into chaos, and i will not let that happen. I will not give up my favourite decoration. I will not shoot you, but nor am i goin' down this mountain lookin' over my shoulder for you. I will not tell you again to be silent, or you will be removed from the court. I swear i will not kill anyone. I will not support it. I will not risk open war. I don't trust him. i will not hear this. I will not be stolen from. you get that? I will not make a martyr of him. I will not hesitate to let either of you die. I will not allow us to go backwards... And a policeman... passing an indian dwelling i will not call them homes. I will go back to gotham and i will fight men like this... but i will not become an executioner. I will not allow it! I will not trade one dictatorship for another! I will not. right. I will not say, "do not weep"... for not all tears are an evil. I will not leave my daughter here to die. I will not pause, i will not repeat myself and you will not interrupt me. I will not fight you. Until i'm certain my team can't hold it, i will not order a nuclear strike against a civilian population. Now, i will not cast this ghost out with a fever for the new spirit inside me has shown me i have a new way to communicate. There are no lengths to which i will not go. i mean it. What would you have me do? i will not yield... I will not fight you, father. I do not know what strength is in my blood... but i swear to you, i will not let the white city fall... nor our people fail. ... but i will not hesitate. not for a second. I will not die sobber, get those fuckin ludes. I will not. I will not be quiet, chewbacca. I will not buy you gentlemen beer. But i'm sorry, i will not bear arms. I will not give up my parents. The girls paul, i will not leave without them. Carla jean, i will not harm your man. I will not turn, and you'll be forced to kill me. By the grace of your training, i will not be seduced. I will not allow you to lecture me about the merits of emotion. I will not tell my uncle i've lost him the greatest city in the north. I will not believe that they fought and died for nothing. I turned to my buddies and i said... "i will not leave france without her." It is a symbol of the standard of excellence for which this school is known, and i will not have it tarnished. By god, sir, i will not abide another toe. I will not lead the ring within a hundred leagues of your city. The language is that of mordor, which i will not utter here. No, i will not. And i will not be bullied by... Just let me try, and i will not complain about sitting behind this desk twenty four writing those fluff pieces you give me. I will not trust them, gaveston! I will not desire that. I will not disable the security field. your actions are futile. I will not disguise from you that this is not the ardor with which a loving father might be expected... I will not talk about this. I will not consider you a brother or friend. All right, now listen very carefully, as i will not bargain further. If you ever, ever come to see your mother in this state again, i will not let you in the house. I will not. i've seen the face of war before, sir, I will not deploy our army and leave themyscira defenseless to go and fight their war. "i will not abandon you." Now, tell them that i will not give myself up to a government i do not recognize. I will not allow you to spend time with her, I will not do business with a silly, superficial phantom. And i will not be going home as one. I will not compromise who or what i am... I will not be bullied. hey... I will not have him see me blubbing. I will not have him in rehearsal. The sun is right behind my back so true north should be over there i will not lose this fucking track Acting... conservation act, or some ruddy thing, and i will not be subjugated to a criminal abuse. I have a duty to my people... and i will not allow anyone to prevent me from carrying it out. I will not ask again. No. i will not do that. I will not forget. okay, byebye. I will not rest until you hold a coke... in a new commercial starring you... broadcast during a super bowl game you're winning. So, i will not carry the donkey on my back anymore. I will not say so, for fear i should be faced out of my way. And i will not hesitate to lay the hammer down on any clown... that comes around. I will not be part of this madness. I have told you already... i will not go near that place. I will not part... with a single coin. But you're in my corps now, and i will not see you disrespect the men and women who made the marines great! I will not end the life i promised him. I will not be overruled in my own court. I will not have that kind of behavior in my house. "i will not give you my name because you will try to slow down "or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife." I will not. fight me. I will not give you my rank in the pointcorp military structure, or the in and out dates of my service. But i will not give them that satisfaction. I am the censor, and i will not allow this costume on the air. I'm sorry. i will not give a student a grade he or she doesn't deserve. I will not indulge your childish whims. will not i will