I spilled

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I spilled salad dressing on myself."
I spilled beer all over it when the car smashed into me. I'm sorry. i spilled all your drinks. Hey! hey! i spilled the bong! stop! I spilled it all. hi. I spilled some blood on it... while selfstitching a gun wound to my abdomen... but number twenty five is my best ever. Well, now i spilled my beer all over you, my name's sharon. Mom, i'm sorry. i spilled a little bit. I told you, i saw something on tv and i spilled boiling water on my hand. Just stop. i spilled my fucking coffee. I spilled my beer. I spilled my warm cup of piss. I spilled something on your shirt. Oh and grab a rag or something because clumsy me i spilled something. I spilled my drink. I spilled salad dressing on myself. spilled i