I mean yes

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. i mean, yes, interdimensional beings."
I mean... yes. I mean, yes, i slept with her many times. I mean, maybe, i mean, yes! let's. No. i mean yes, that's right, i didn't speak. I mean yes! yes! I mean, yes, i am. I mean, yes, i've seen it before, but it's not mine. No. i mean... yes, of course they do. I mean, yes, they work, but it's not that simple. I mean yes, we only have one hour. I mean... yes, i know it was probably easier because nine hundred and eleven and less people applying with terrorism and all that, but still though, i'm sorry. Well, i mean, yes, but every aclass process... has a dedicated power breaker. I mean, yes. No. i mean, yes. but i mean i'll... I mean, yes, but you did. No. i mean, yes. yes. No. i mean yes, it's true, yeah. If you don't mind. i mean, yes, please, ma'am. No, mike. i mean, yes, but that's not what i wanted to say. I mean, yes. my name is dr. martin harris. i'm on the list. I mean, yes, actually. yes, it is. it was. I mean, yes, you're drowning in a sinkhole of debt. I knew it. i mean, yes, yes. Yes. i mean, yes, interdimensional beings. mean yes i mean