I'm here

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Tell jack i'm here, okay?", "At home, i suppose while i'm here tidying up trying to get things organized everything in its place."
Anyway, i'm here almost every week. wednesdays, usually. I'm here for you too if ever you need me. So i'm here to save you some time. I'm here because we need your help. Gandalf! yes, i'm here. No, i'm here to kill thanos. Realize, detective, the oniy reason that i'm here right now... I'm luke skywalker. i'm here to rescue you. I'm here a week now. I don't know if it's okay that i'm here. That's why i'm here. Well? i'm here. You see,he doesn't know i'm here. I'm here to talk about prom." So, temple, will you put some cattle through your dip while i'm here? okay. I'm here now. Good morning. i'm here to see mr. earle. I'm here to put you back on schedule. Does she know that i'm here? And i'm here to kill you, little bill. Well, none yet, that's why i'm here. i manage fighters. I'm here, john. I'm here, john. i'm here. Hi. good evening. i'm here to see holly mcclane. It's a lot to ask, and now that i'm here... Now that's why i'm here. I'm here. i'm here. i'm here. Which is why i'm here, begging. I'm here for a confession. I'm here because you needed help. Hey, i'm here for a purpose, baby. I came in... i'm here to tell you that i am the texas heavyweight champion. No, lieutenant jenkins, i'm here for the hell of it. I'm here to do that. use me. use this. But too many have been left behind for too long, and that's why i'm here today. I'm here at the behest of a client. I'm here to help you. Okay. so, like i was saying, i'm here to check on a disturbance. Hello, i'm here. oh. Is it bad for you that i'm here? I'm here to do business with commander zero, all right? And i'm here to tell you this boy's soul is intact. I'm here in place of charlie's parents. I'm here to take you back to fort kiowa... where you will be tried for murder. I'm here for either one. I'm here to talk to you about the avenger initiative. I'm here. Ladies and gentlemen... i'm here to tell you a very strange story. I'm here to keep you safe, sam. I'm here, i made it. So, i'm here to help us gear up. I'll tell you why i'm here. Yeah. i'm here with you. You know why i'm here today? I'm here to interview black sabbath. i'm a journalist. And i'm here, having fun. But until then, i'm here for you. right? thanks, grayson. I'm here now, and i have something to say. I'm here for your help. Come on. kill me. i'm here. I'm here to give you the absolute truth about what we've found. Is that what i'm here for? Oh, well, i'm very flattered to be asked, although i have no idea what i'm here to discuss. Well, i'm here to apply for a research position in your neurology lab. But the fact is, i'm here. I don't know why i'm here. I'm here for you. I'm here to help, michael. No, ma'am, i'm here to oversee the transition period leading to your voluntary retirement in two months' time. I'm here to tell you that's never gonna happen. I'm here to do business. I'm here, frankie. Yeah, i'm here. I'm here to pick up a fossil. And i'm here on a mission of mercy. I'm here from mitch and murray. I'm here to let you in on a few ground rules. No. i'm here because i made a promise. Ross has no idea i'm here. I'm here on my own dime. I'm here now. i'm here now. I'm here to let you know that it wasn't me. I'm here to purchase your lovely home. I'm here 'cause you're in some kind of a pickle, right? yeah. It's because we're not friends that i'm here. For whatever it's worth, i'm here to tell you that it is possible. Hello? yeah, sorry, i'm here. hi, how are you? I'm here in the hope that you can hear me. I'm here with your dad, charlie... and the american consul. Then how come you got the fine ? 'cause i'm here. Mr roberts? i'm here for our appointment. At home, i suppose while i'm here tidying up trying to get things organized everything in its place. Tell jack i'm here, okay? here i'm