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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "How are you raju? i'm good… and you, brother?"
How are we getting in? How are those ribs? okay. all right. take it easy. How are you feeling today, colonel? How are you feeling? Hi! how are you? How are we supposed to do that? Hey donnie, how are you? How are you keeping? Anyway, how are you? this is so weird. Real good. how are you doing today, ma'am? How are you, francis? Not a problem. how are you? good. How are your parents? i'm good. they're fine. Wouldn't miss it. how are we doin'? How are you, sir? chris gardner. dean witter. Hi, how are you? How are you? good morning. Knox. how are you? joe danburry. How are you this morning? How are we, scotty? unbelievably, sir, the ship is in position. Hey, frank. how are you? how's the knee? How are you, john? Oh, yeah. hey, richard. how are you? How are you, marty? How are we gonna bring fischer back? Hello. how are you today? How are you doing? Hi! how are you? come here. Avl: how are you paying for the braces? l don't know. Yes, yeah. have a seat. how are you? Aunt kathy, how are you? How are you? How are you feeling, sammy? How are you, stan? how you doing, wade? How are you doing? terrific. How are you feeling, charlie? (braddock) how are you, alice? How are we gonna know if you did? How are you doing? what time is it? Assuming we can trust joe, how are we gonna get in touch with him? Well, alma, how are you? Hey, guys! hey! how are you? daddy! daddy! How are ya? How are we supposed to destroy it now you've given the sword to griphook? Hey! how are you? How are you? i... well, rested now. I'm good. how are you? How are you? nice to see you. Hey! how are you, shankar? I mean, how are you? How are you? you've grown. Hi, melanie, how are you? What's going on? i'm good. how are you? How are you getting on? Hey, biff. hey, guys. how are you doing? "how are you feeling?" "what have we done to each other?" Barbara's very well. how are you? Mr. garrison, how are you? remember me? Yeah, how are you? listen, maude, Hi, sacha. how are you? i'm good, thanks. Thank you. happy tday. how are you? I'm good. how are you? good. Yeah, of course. how are you? Monsieur mendel. how are things in switzerland? How are you, bill? doing pretty good. Hello. you frank? jack, right? hello. how are you? Julia, how are you? brendan conlon? Hi, how are you folks getting on up there? over. Are you okay? yes. how are you feeling? Of course, barbara, isn't it? how are you? How are you doing this? Ken? how are you? this is charlie babbitt. How are the wife and kids? great. thanks. How are we going to leave? Mr. murphy, how are you? Well, it's just not our policy how are you today, mr. barish? How are we supposed to get across this? Oh, good evening. how are you? good evening. There are ten thousand cars here, how are we going to find it? Carla jean, how are you? How are things going, mr. torrance? Hi, how are you? let me introduce you. How are things coming along on the hand me your gun and your badge? Terrific, walter, but how are we gonna get her back? Hi. how are you? welcome. How are you, dr. conners? carl, i haven't been dr. conners for months now. So, alicia, how are you holding up? Hi, how are you? right over there? So how are you, mrs. goldfarb? How are you gonna do that? How are you blind? you're wearing glasses. Hey karen, how are you? How are you doing? it's nice to see you again. How are you raju? i'm good… and you, brother? are how